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Product and Topic Expert

While a system conversion to SAP S/4HANA or a release upgrade within SAP S/4HANA is technically similar to a release upgrade within SAP ERP, there are some steps and tools which are new and specific to SAP S/4HANA system conversions or release upgrades. Like a doctor, who relies on proper tools to diagnose, monitor and treat medical conditions, your conversion to or upgrade within SAP S/4HANA also requires a proper tool set. One of these SAP S/4HANA specific tools is the so called “Simplification Item Check.”

The Simplification Item Check serves two purposes:

  • Relevance check: determine which Simplification Items are relevant for the specific system in which you are running the Simplification Item Check. This will help you to assess the functional and technical impact of the system conversion on your system.

  • Consistency check: evaluates if there are issues to be solved on the relevant Simplification Items, before being able to proceed to system conversion.

SAP Enterprise Support Academy is releasing a new meet-the-expert (MTE) webinar to provide you the key things to know about Simplification Items Checks.

  • Learn when and how to implement the Simplification Item Check

  • Understand how to run the Simplification Item Check

  • Discover how to read the results of the Simplification Item Check

  • Learn why you need to run the Simplification Item Check, in addition to running SAP Readiness Check

Before you can access the registration links, a one-time registration in SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, is required. A detailed step-by step guide to registration can be found here.


Registration is open for the MTE session, with live chat and open questions and answers
(recording will be made available via the same link)

SAP S/4HANA Simplification Item Check Explained
December 3, 2019


Do you understand the relationship between Simplification Item Checks and SAP Readiness Check?

They do both have the relevance check in common, yet the SAP Readiness Check is already run before your project starts, and by the way, cannot execute the consistency check. So before the project starts, with the SAP Readiness Check you are able to classify the simplification items, one-by-one, by relevance (mandatory, conditional, optional) and by phase, and plan the project activities behind each simplification item. This takes a lot of pressure from the planning activities, helping you to focus on the most important activities first, and to know which business decisions will be required. In addressing the right topics in advance, you can drive a more smooth running conversion project.

Read more for more information on the capabilities included in SAP Readiness Check 2.0.

Is there a value map to support me with my SAP S/4HANA implementation?

Yes! SAP Enterprise Support value maps powered by SAP Enterprise Support Academy are a great place for customers in pre go-live stage to get valuable information that can help you to understand how to plan, prepare and go through your implementation processes. Also, with value maps you get access to SAP experts and are able to ask questions. Customers in post go-live stages will also find interesting information, like notifications about upcoming product updates, links to available resources, blogs written by specialists, and so on.
Note: To register for the value map, you may require access to SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support. Already-registered members can access the value map directly via the SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps learning room


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