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Welcome to another edition of the release highlights blog for the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Test Automation Tool. Before we get into the details there was some important information which we wanted to share with all our users.

All blogs related to the Test Automation Tool can be accessed here. We encourage you to make use of the customer community to ask any question relevant to the Test Automation Tool.

The SAP S/4HANA Cloud Test Automation Tool continues to deliver new features with special focus on simplifying maintenance efforts and providing customers more insights into the PUT process. Below are some of the highlights from the 2111 SAP S/4HANA Cloud Release.

Post Upgrade Tests(PUT) Enhancements

The 2111 release has 2 key features: ability to trigger and track PUT on their own which enables our customer to better analyse the whole PUT process.

  • Ability to re-trigger PUT and better tracking
    In some cases PUT process might not not be able to process due to system deadlocks. We have now provided an option to re-trigger PUT in such cases. The tracking of the complete process also has been enhanced with progress bars, and info on start and end time for all the steps.

  • Additional Recommendations in addition to Failure Category
    To enable better understand and handle errors which come up in test execution, in addition to the Failure Category we have also introduced Failure Help which provides steps to resolve the error. This is supported by a Error Log Classification(ELC) service in the backend. Please note Failure Help might not be available in all cases.

In addition to these we have also enabled filtering of PUT scripts based on the Application area (Sales, Finance etc..).

Upload Attachment via API Test Framework

A new standard API automate “Attachments-Document Management” has been released which enables reading of attachments from a business object and then upload them. This feature allows for testing of attachment-based scenarios and a quick way to check if the attachment functionality is working in the tenant.

Attachments – Document Management

Test Data Container (TDC) Features

We have further enhanced the ability to track, check binding sources and unbind Test Data Containers.

  • TDC multiple data set feature now has the feature to rename the fields as per requirement

  • Information about TDC binding sources is now available for better traceability

  • Option to Unbind TDC which are not in use

  • “Change History” for Standard delivered TDC content

  • Option to Download/Upload TDC files

  • Test Data Container (TDC) now provides hyperlinks to Test Process and Plans in the “Where Used List” feature

Change History for Standard TDC

Where-used List with Direct Links

SAP Delivered Standard Content

The total list of SAP delivered automated test scripts are 330 for 2111 and can be accessed via link – Automated Test Scripts Index”.

Further detailed change information about the standard automate is available in the “Automated Test Script Change History” and “Test Script Release Change Information”.

This wraps up the update on the new features delivered as part of the 2111 release for the SAP S/HANA Cloud Test Automation Tool. We also have the replay from the SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2111 Early Release Series available.

For more details on the functionality please refer the links below:

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