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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP S/4HANA Cloud Test Automation Tool is an integral part of SAP S/4HANA Cloud Essentials & provisioned for all customers in their Quality systems. As we move towards an even more intelligent and configurable SAP S/4HANA Core, test tooling also needs to be improved and made more robust.

In the 2105 release, we are launching 3 key concepts/features which we feel are essential to improving the utility of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud Test Automation Tool and customer regression testing.

Test Data Container (TDC)

A new app which will simplify the process of provisioning and maintaining test data. Some of the highlights of this feature are as follows

    • Central repository - with reusable test data templates based on functional areas.​

    • Test data management - single source of test data as per end user test/business flow

    • Re-usable Test Data Container that can hold multiple data sets

    • Integrated with the existing Test Automation tool

    • Test data categorized into Master /Org /Transaction data for ease the consumption

Test Data Container(TDC) Visualization

The app allows the users to create their own data containers with fields from specific templates (for 2105 we are supporting only fields from the Sales area). The app also enables users to create their own variants for the created TDC.

Test Data Container App Tile

TDC Field Selection

TDC Field Details

The TDC app is integrated with the Test Your Process(TYP) app. Features like auto binding, variant filtering further enhance the experience of using the TDC in conjunction with the Test Automation Tool.

TDC Field Binding in Test Plan

More details regarding the Test Data Container (TDC) app is available here.

Automated API Framework

As we move in the direction of increased integration and customizations for our customers it is critical that we cover automated testing of API as well. With the 2105 release we are providing our customers the ability to automate ODATA API's (for 2105 we are supporting Sales area). The plan here is to eventually enable our customers to automate and test integration scenarios in upcoming releases.

API Test Framework - Big Picture

The framework has the following features:

  • E2E processes can now be created with UI and API process steps within one test process

  • Framework has been merged with the Test Automation Tool

  • API Automate creation wizard guides the user through the process

  • Ability to use Payloads as data variants, and hence covering multiple variations

  • 10 Standard API Automates delivered from the Sales area

Add API Step - MYTP App

API Guided Activity Wizard

Links to the more details on:

UI Control Repository

Customer have often complained that the effort required for custom script maintenance release on release is high. We plan to address this pain point with the introduction of the UI Control Repository. The repository stores information on individual UI controls, tracks changes made to them across releases and ensures changes across releases are updated back into the test scripts(for 2105 we are supporting only UI Controls from the Sales area). Some major highlights of this feature are:

  • Central repository of UI controls grouped by application

  • Achieves modularization and reusability of controls across automates

  • Edit scripts without using the recording functionality

  • Standard UI Control Repository made available for 31 scope items(Best Practice Process)

The repository also allows users to see an indicative screenshot from a reference system of each UI Control. This also enables users to make changes to a script without having to launch the Recorder.

UI Control Repository in the Test Tool

UI Control Repository - Details Screen                                    Screenshot from the Repository

The help document for both Manage Your Test Processes and Test Your Processes have been updated with the details of how to work with the UI Control Repository.

SAP Delivered Standard Content

The total list of SAP delivered automated test scripts are 297 for 2105 and can be accessed via link – Automated Test Scripts Index”. In addition we have 10 new Standard API Automates delivered in the SALES area.

Further detailed change information about the standard automate is available in the “Automated Test Script Change History” and “Test Script Release Change Information”.

This wraps up the update on the new features delivered as part of the 2105 release for the SAP S/HANA Cloud Test Automation Tool. For more details on the functionality please refer the links below:

Manage Your Test Processes

Test Your Processes

Analyze Automated Test Results

Configure Conditional Authentication

Also refer FAQs