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Welcome. Are you new to SAP S/4HANA Cloud and have questions regarding G/L Account Master Data? This blog post will answer some of the common questions and will give you relevant informational links for details and deep dive.

Here we go.
1) G/L Account is a master data, but I don’t see a Template in Data Migration Cockpit. Where do I go?
This is not part of Data Migration Cockpit but part of Configuration. As a configuration expert you can go to Manage your solution app and configure your solution to review and adapt the Standard COA to your needs.

2) What do I do to upload G/L Accounts from Legacy system?
SAP S/4HANA Cloud comes with a pre-delivered standard, operating COA which is YCOA. YCOA contains standard G/L accounts, account determination settings, and the configuration for pre-delivered processes in the SAP Best Practices reference content. You can use YCOA as delivered for your operating COA, or you can use it as a template and adapt it as needed using the Configuration. There are the SSCUIs available like SSCUI 150002 Manage Chart of Accounts, SSCUI 150001 Manage G/L Account Master Data.

3) What COA types are available with SAP S/4HANA Cloud?
The three different types of pre-delivered COA available are:
• Operating chart of accounts - YCOA – contains G/L accounts for your daily postings.
• Group chart of accounts - YGR1 - contains the G/L accounts used by the entire corporate group. This allows you to provide reports at the entire corporate group level and is activated in your SAP S/4HANA Cloud system if you have selected scope item 3AF.
• Alternative chart of accounts - Local COA (e.g. YIKR) - specific to a country/region and contains the G/L accounts that meet specific legal reporting requirements in that country/region. Using this type of chart of accounts is optional.

4) What G/L Account types are available in SAP S/4HANA Cloud?
G/L account master data are classified into the following types.
• Balance Sheet Account
• Nonoperating Expense and Income
• Primary Costs or Revenue
• Secondary Costs
• Cash Account
Click here for more details on each account type.

5) What can I do with the Manage G/L Account Master Data App/SSCUI?With the Manage G/L Account Master Data app, you can perform actions to master data of G/L accounts depending on your role and the system that you access.

As a G/L accountant (business template role: SAP_BR_GL_ACCOUNTANT), you can view G/L account master data and where the account is used in a financial statement version or in the Automatic Account Determination app.

As a configuration expert (business template role: SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT), you can display and edit the master data of G/L accounts. You can also add new G/L accounts based on existing accounts and make mass changes to account descriptions and attributes.

Following tasks can be done with this app:
• View G/L account master data
• Create a new G/L account by copying and editing an existing G/L account
• Mass change descriptions and other attributes of multiple accounts from the following views:
- Chart of Accounts View
- Company Code View
- Controlling Area View
You can select up to 5000 G/L accounts for each mass change action.
• Mass create G/L accounts that are in the same chart of accounts by copying and editing existing G/L accounts (using the Company Code view)
• Mass create G/L accounts by copying and editing existing G/L accounts (using the Chart of Accounts view)
• View where the account is used in a financial statement version or in the Automatic Account Determination app

6) Can I delete the G/L accounts from the pre-delivered list in YCOA Chart of account?
No. You cannot delete the pre-delivered G/L accounts in the standard Chart of account YCOA. If you do not want any G/L account, you can mark it as Not Used in the app Manage G/L Account Master Data app or SSCUI or in the Renumber G/L Accounts SSCUI.

As a caution - You should not be deleting any standard content given pre-delivered as Best Practice Content with SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

7) Can I renumber G/L Accounts? How?
As a configuration expert, you can renumber and rename the G/L accounts that are part of the pre-delivered chart of accounts, so that the accounts conform to your numbering and naming conventions. You can renumber the accounts included either in the standard or group chart of accounts or in a local one. You can use Renumber G/L Accounts SSCUI to renumber the G/L Accounts.

8) How do I move the G/L Accounts to Production system?
You can save all changes to G/L accounts in Q system in an open business change project(BCP) as you do with other configurations and the G/L account changes will move to P system when you move the project/transport.9) What do I do if I need a new G/L account or some change urgently in Production system?
Newly created G/L accounts and financial statement versions (FSV) or changes to G/L account master data are normally transported from your quality system to the production system with the currently open business change project (BCP). However, when a new or changed object is urgently needed in your production system and you cannot wait for that BCP to be released and transported, the Synchronize G/L Account Master Data app helps you to copy these changes into your production system earlier.

10) Can I change the open item management setting for the G/L account? How do I do it?
Yes, with 2008 release it is recommended to use ‘Schedule Accounting Data Corrections’ app and select the job template 'Activate Open Item Management for G/L accounts'. You should be logged in as a Configuration Expert to access this app. The procedure consists of two major steps: First you run the job in your quality (Q) system to select the G/L accounts that you want to switch, and then you run it in your production (P) system so that the changes take effect. We recommend that you always schedule a test run first, especially in the P system so the errors if any can be seen in the log of the test run. Thus, it is now possible to deactivate/activate open item management even when postings exist in your production system.

Hope this Blog post addressed some of the basic questions regarding the G/L account master data. For more information kindly refer to information links given below.

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Do let me know if you have any more questions or comments.

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