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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear Readers­­,

We hope everyone is safe and sound in these turbulent times around the world.

Living in such weird and unexpected times, it is now more than ever that everybody wants to safeguard all our interests, not just personal but also our professional/Business investments – supported with digitally transformed experiences.

This is the time more than ever that the latest cutting-edge technologies of the modern era help not just the individual, but the complete enterprise run in the most intuitive and efficient way. Amidst various distractions when one has setup their work offices at home among other essential chores, life has surely become difficult. SAP certainly cares about you in such strange times and already caters the need to make life Run Simple . One small way how SAP tries to simplify your life is by introducing the embedded SAP Analytics Cloud functionality for Customers having SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Essential Edition (ES).

To analyse & monitor business operations of enterprises, Businesses needs to have the reports on the real time data across the Line of Business (LoB)  in their organization for speedy strategic decisions. With embedded SAP Analytics Cloud we can leverage the real time analytical functions. These Analytical reports or Dashboards empowers and enables the business teams, subject matter experts in LoB’s, and users to visualize & consume business data in a very dynamic & graphic fashion with interactive views, charts, graphs, data drilling options etc.

So, in this blog post - we attempt to empower, enable all the stakeholders, interested readers to kick-start with a systematic understanding & the learning map to know more about SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Essential Editions -> embedded SAP Analytics Cloud

In general, Readers have continuously struggled to find structured information in one place and how to reach out to SAP support channels to get their issues address related to embedded SAP Analytics Cloud in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, ES. Also, this blog helps you map into another link collection blog post by one of our experts, katharina.doerr  which lists down all the available embedded SAP Analytics Cloud apps in S/4HANA Cloud, Essential Editions with up to date information - here.

The first part of this blog post will cater a structured value-map with understanding the embedded SAP Analytics Cloud functionality right from the basics to a deep-dive level. The second part of this blog post will explain the best mechanism & understanding before a support ticket is raised to SAP for any issues related to embedded SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Essential Editions.

Before we jump-start into the value-map, we would like to begin with explanation of the Embedded SAP Analytics Cloud in S/4HANA Cloud, ES.

  • Embedded SAP Analytics Cloud in SAP S/4HANA Cloud is an in-built analytical offering tightly fixated into the Fiori User Experience to visualize data in the most intuitive way for analysis and reporting in the form or dashboards (aka Stories - Stories are where your data comes to life. The story space is where you explore and visualize your data for reporting and analysis)


  • Customer systems and customers are not required to buy separate licensing to consume this functionality. However, customers do have an option of buying separate Enterprise SAP Analytics Cloud which offers extended functions like Data acquisitions, coupling multiple data sources from multiple applications etc. which is currently not offered in embedded SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, ES

A pictorial learning roadmap for Embedded SAP Analytic Cloud in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, ES. The actual links are bulleted below to directly link to the resources

  1. Explore - Introduction & Basics

    1. Release Introduction 1911 (Blog post)

    2. What is in it? (Blog post)

    3. Common Questions & Answers (Blog post)

  1. Understand – Demo’s & Walkthroughs

    1. Overview Demo (Video)

    2. Deep Dive Demo (Video)

    3. Customer Use Case (Blog post)

    4. Up-to-date embedded analytics content (Blog post)

  1. Design – Learn & Try 

    1. Create your own story (Blog post)

    2. Create Data Analyzer Report (Blog post)

    3. Transport your story/data analyzer report (Blog post)

    4. More on SAP Analytics Cloud  best practices

  1. Deploy – Consume & Extend -> Deploy your stories & search for What’s New Blog post/information related to embedded SAP Analytics Cloud in S/4HANA Cloud

In continuation to the value map which helps them with understanding the foundations and learning, now our following section will focus on helping our readers to help with the fundamentals on the best practices to login an embedded SAP Analytics Cloud related ticket. We have recently identified a trend where our customers are finding it difficult to find the appropriate components for embedded SAP Analytics Cloud related issues.

By this time, it is already a well-known fact that embedded SAP Analytics Cloud  is seamlessly integrated  with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, ES. The embedded SAP Analytics Cloud is fully managed by SAP S/4HANA Cloud which exposes the embedded SAP Analytics Cloud functionality through Fiori applications, thereby enhancing the existing analytical functionalities with more flexibility and usability.

As part of the Business or reporting requirements, Implementation Consultants or Business Users (Key users aka Analytics Specialist) often need to create custom CDS views; Custom Analytical Query and Custom Stories. Embedded SAP Analytics Cloud caters to such custom requirements and enables user to have their custom data visualizations.

Since there is no additional license required and embedded Analytics contains lots of pre-delivered dashboards & reports, embedded SAP Analytics Cloud has been introduced to the customer and solve the problem efficiently.

While accessing the Standard Analytic Functionalities in both Standard and Custom App’s, it can happen that app’s may not be accessible; not executable; inappropriate Data Source etc. Implementation consultants or key users generally overlook the fine line between scope of the product issue (standard Vs custom) vs. consulting issue and end up in creating support incidents in the wrong components.

Support Issue Vs Consulting Issues – General Guidelines

Support issues Consulting issues
An error in the software or SAP provided Best Practice configuration or with expert configuration done by SAP as requested by the customer. Advice or assistance relating to configuration, business process analysis, or implementation specific to the customer’s unique environment or already documented in Product Guides.
An error in the software causes subsequent errors or SAP provided Best Practice configuration causes subsequent errors. How-To’ questions seeking assistance with documented features.
Standard product functions have incorrect or missing documentation. Assistance with customization of the core product, core functionality and/or problems or errors caused by customization that has been implemented or completed by customers or partners.

It is quite a normal practice when a standard or Custom App are not functioning as expected and we are curious to follow the path of raising a Support Incident with SAP. We are sure that most of the Business Key Users or Implementation Partners will know how to raise the support incident, but quite often miss the general guidelines provided by SAP on how to replicate the issue ; Business Impact & last but not the least Assigning the appropriate component.

We often see the trend of the incidents assigned in inappropriate component. Information on the SAP Analytics Cloud component can be found on the KBA 2887617 and for the embedded SAP Analytics Cloud Analytic app we can refer one of the component from the below table. Illustrated example on when to select embedded SAP Analytics Cloud component – Example.

Disclaimer – Below Data is only for representational purpose and any similarity to any business case is purely coincidental.

General Business(For Eg) Scenario on when to select the embedded SAP Analytics Cloud Component : Treasury Executive Dashboard

The Treasury Executive Dashboard visualizes real-time insights into treasury operations for treasury executives. The app shows key performance indicators, such as liquidity, cash position, debt volume and structure, counterparty limits, volume of bank guarantees, and market trends.

Configuration and Master Data

The basic content with which to run this app is provided with scope item 1MN (SAP Fiori Analytical Apps for Treasury and Risk Management). For more information, see also the set-up instructions for the scope item 1MN in the SAP Best Practices Explorer.

In addition, running the app requires configuration settings to be made and master data to be available in Treasury Management. For more information, see also Configuration and Master Data for the Treasury Executive Dashboard.

Snapshot of the Output :


In case if the data was not updated or reflected correctly or issue with the rendering the data -any operational data related issues  from Cash Management, Treasury, Risk management(Like financial transactions, treasury positions, limit data, and market data) and Financial Accounting should be primarily checked on the CDS view (standard or custom) and with respective LoB Subject Matter Experts – In this case Financials – Treasury Management or SME’s from the Business – Treasury.

Once the Implementation Consultant concurs on the above preliminary checks and ensure that issue is not related to the Data in the Story/Query, then as a last resort it is advised to raise an SAP Support Incident with any of the below categorization for a quick turnaround time.

Component Description  Supported in this Component/Issues
CA-GTF-SB-S4H-SAC SAP S4H embedded SAP Analytics Cloud UI integration & Connectivity to MDS Authentication; Communication Arrangement; Provisioning (IPS) ; Story data/Configuration*; Tile; Variant.
CA-GTF-SB-S4H-DT SAP Smart Business S4H - Design Time KPI & Groups - Additional Parameters; Facet Filters; Currency/Value defaults in Tiles; Bubble Chart; Custom Story and Data Analyzer ; Smart Business Apps – Runtime.
CA-GTF-SB-S4H-RT SAP Smart Business S4H - Run Time Issues related to Live Search; Adapt Filters; Extra Filters; Screen/Chart rendering ; Null Values displayed in the Tile & Any other Smart Business Apps - Runtime Issues.

* If there are any issues in a query, data issue in the story, or template behavior, then the LOB is responsible for it. The component is listed in the configuration page in the Fiori Library.

In case you want to know more about more SAP Analytics Cloud in general, below KBA might help you with additional help on the SAP Analytical Cloud KBA 2569847.



Co-Authors : Srikanth Sista & Saumitra