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Dear Reader,

this blog post is applicable for SAP S/4HANA Cloud customers, which receive new tax codes during upgrades (as a consequence of legal requirements), after the initial country activation. The delivery of new tax codes is announced for the applicable countries under SAP Legal Change Notes. Click here to see an example for country Netherlands (NL). Please ensure to check this tool regularly and also before each quarterly release. Kindly go through the exemplary steps presented below and make sure to map the newly delivered tax codes for your country to the general ledger accounts you wish to use, according to your business requirements.

  1. Login in your quality (Q) System.

  2. Open the app Manage Your Solution.

  3. Verify if the local country version is set on the country you wish to configure. If not, you should choose the respective country by clicking on the button Set Country Version, located in the right bottom corner of your screen. For this example you are going to assign general ledgers accounts to tax code 07, which we assume is newly delivered for country Netherlands (NL).

  4. Once the country is set correctly, click on the first option Configure Your Solution. Please keep in mind that a business change project must be open, in order for you to be able to record the changes.

  5. Search for the key number „100297“ and click on the entry Finance – General Ledger – Chart of Accounts, displayed on your screen.

  6. Click on the button Configure of the SSC-UI Automatic Account Determination (step 9).

  7. Select from the drop-down values the following: Area - Financial Accounting, Subarea - General Ledger Accounting, Process - Define Tax Accounts and afterwards click on the button Step 2.

  8. Select from the drop-down values the following (according to country solution and configuration requirements): Transaction Group - %TX (Tax on Sales/Purchases), Transaction Key - e.g. MWS, Chart of Accounts - e.g. YCOA, Tax Code - e.g. 07, Country - e.g. NL and click on the button Step 3. Please note that the values provided in this example are just exemplary values.

  9. Mark the entry, assign a proper general ledger (G/L) account and review the entry by clicking on the button Review.

  10. Click on the button Save located in the right bottom corner to save your changes.

  11. Confirm again the pop-up by clicking on the button Save.

  12. Finally a notification "Changes were submitted successfully" will be displayed on your screen.

To conclude this blog post, by following the exemplary steps 1 to 12, you have assigned the specific general ledger account you wish to use, to the newly delivered tax code. This means that you can now test the new tax code in your business processes. Please always ensure testing your configuration in the quality system, before releasing the business configuration project from the quality system to the productive system.

Thank you for reading this blog post.