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Important update


Please note that Manage Workforce app is only available after your initial scope has been deployed from SAP Central Business Configuration to SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Additionally, the Master Data - Manage Workforce (SAP_BUM_BC_MNG_WORKFORCE_PC) business catalog needs to be assigned to your business role.

For further information please check out:


Hi SAP S/4HANA Cloud community,

welcome to this blog post which will cover the release of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2208 focusing on HR Connectivity. Please watch the video below to get a crisp overview of the highlight for this release – the "Manage Workforce" application.




As stated in my video there are two big innovations to mention as part of the "Manage Workforce" app. First, the possibility to create and edit workforce directly in the app and second, the possibility to create multiple work agreements or change an existing work agreement.

But before we jump right into the details, let me tell you a little bit more about the motivation why the SAP Product Management built a local app in SAP S/4HANA Cloud to manage workforce. At the beginning, we observed that many SAP S/4HANA Cloud customers had not integrated their HR system with SAP S/4HANA Cloud yet. The main reason was that the whole creation process of business users and workforce was rather too complicated as customers had to orchestrate multiple CSV versions to upload business users and workforce. And in general, a CSV upload is not state of the art for a cloud solution. On top of that customers were facing lifecycle management issues of workforce data like for example: company code adjustments with the CSV upload or that uploading a CSV template did not support any validation checks which caused errors and these errors had to be corrected by SAP Operations Team.

So, SAP Product Management understood the clear market need and came up with a simplified creation process of business users and workforce regarding the lifecycle management as well as enhanced functionalities such as the ability to create a worker without assigning a company code and cost center or the possibility to create multiple work agreements. The overall aim is to ensure a faster SAP S/4HANA Cloud onboarding process.

So, let’s have a look at it in detail:


Create and Edit Workforce within the "Manage Workforce" App


As mentioned, the "Manage Workforce" app enables you to create and edit your workforce data in your SAP S/4HANA Cloud system. The app is for administrators and HR administrators.

The worker screen is structured in three tabs: "Personal Information", "Work Agreements" and "Profile". Under "Personal Information" you can enter general information (such as the name, last name, a worker ID etc.), contact information (such as an e-mail address, a telephone number etc.) and select the worker type (either an employee or contingent worker). On the "Work Agreements" tab, you can edit all data belonging to the contract. Lastly, you can create tags that represent the skills of a worker on the "Profile" tab.

To manually create a worker, simply choose “Create” and fill in the mandatory fields (this is the last name, a worker ID and an e-mail address). In the dropdown for "Worker Types", you can select a type of worker – employee or contingent worker – you want to create. There is no need to assign a company code to a worker anymore. Choose “Create” to create the worker.

Choose “Maintain Business User” to create a business user. This takes you to the "Maintain Business User" app. You can only create a business user if you have necessary authorization. Going back from the “Maintain Business User” app to the “Manage Workforce” app the business user will be automatically assigned to the worker.


Create Multiple Work Agreements or Change an Existing Work Agreement within the "Manage Workforce" App


If you run SAP S/4HANA Cloud specific business processes, like e.g. travel reimbursement or project staffing, you will need to create a work agreement. To create a work agreement, choose “Edit” and “Create” on the work agreements tab. You are asked to enter a start date and a company code. You can optionally enter further details such as a cost center, weekly working days and hours, the employment status and the name of the manager. Moreover, you have the possibility to add a service cost level, for example you can choose a senior consultant. After clicking “Save” a worker with a business user including a work agreement is created.

From now on you also have the possibility to enter multiple work agreements. After clicking “Create” in the work agreement section, you can choose either a "Global Assignment", a "Concurrent Employment" or a "Transfer between countries/regions or companies":

Figure 1: Choose the employment situation to create a new work agreement.


To create a new or a second work agreement all you have to do is to enter a start and an end date and a company code and click “Create”. The new agreement shows up above the old work agreement.

Another new functionality is that we’ve added the "Address and Bank Account" button. This is of special interest for you in case you want to reimburse a worker, which is from now on possible for each specific contract. You just click on a specific contract and then click on the "Address and Bank Account" button. From here on you are redirected to another app, the "Business Partner" app, wherein you can include address and bank account information.


You can find a demo with all the details here:




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