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SAP S/4HANA Cloud provides a test tool that can help customers automate their testing during various phases of the projects and also during Quarterly upgrade. This blog will help you understand what’s new in Test Automation Tool in 1911.

You can also check out the “early release webinar” for “SAP Activate deployment – test your solution”. It is available in the list of early release webinars for 1911.

Let see the new features released in test automation tool

  • Manage your test process app

  • Test your process app

  • Analyze automated test result app

Manage your test process app

More information on the technical details column:

When custom automates are created by the recording functionality the actions are recorded on the process step level. The column technical details also gets updated automatically. The technical details shows the fields

ID: this is a unique identifier for each field. Sometimes due to change in ID of any HTML element, execution might not work. In that case, you can change the ID of control to make it work.

Formula name: You can edit Formula name to create a new or change an existing formula.

For example, if you want to introduce extra waiting time before performing an action, the formula $WAIT can be used by providing time in milliseconds. For ex: $WAIT[3000] will wait for 3 secs before the action is performed.

XPath: Xpath can be used in cases you would like to identify the UI element with an identifier apart from ID or label.

From 1911 when you hover over the fields it will show definitions of each field. This makes more simple to understand. For more information refer the admin guide for the app manage your test process.

Change history is now enhanced to provide more information on changes:

The change history provide details on the changed test processes which are delivered by SAP. For example

  • a new action step could be added

  • existing action step has been removed

  • existing action step is moved to a different sequence

  • label changes

  • changes in technical property, hence suggestion to re-record the step if custom is created

  • any action step has been marked mandatory

  • changes in the process step names

  • changes in the value field

  • changes in the variables

  • application name changes

This feature has been enhanced more to provide details on the changes. If you have created custom automates you can refer the changes and adapt your automates for the regression testing.

Application area search in filters:

The filter option is further enhanced to provide filter as per application area, this will further simplify the search.

Test your process app

Sorting of the test plans

The test plans when created appears on the side bar as per the created date. If you have to execute and track the result of a test plan which is at 6th position for e.g. you have to scroll down the side bar every time. From 1911 this has been made simple, it will now appear based on the last executed date. So now the test plan which is in 6th position is executed it will appear on top.

Application area search in filters:

The filter options on the test plan is now enhanced to allow search based on the application area.

Manage User (Test Tool Set up):

In the manage user section we need to create a DEFAULT role by providing user ID , password and URL and similarly we can create more roles for the role based testing. The screen has been further enhanced.

  • The first field Business Role now appears as Role. This role is linked with the automates.

  • The user name field is no more a free text. There is a search option to select from the existing sets of user.

  • The URL field is not available now, it is automatically identified.

Pre Checks before executing the test plan:

During the test plan execution if there were issues with the user set up the test plan would remain in progress status. Now we have provided a pre check result for each test plan execution. If there are issues in execution it will provide a pop up window displaying the results.

Pre check report appears for each process step. It looks for the role in the process step and then identifies the user assigned to the role. This provides information of user is locked or not valid and looks for the test automation roles. The check also looks for the application specific roles assigned to the user. If any of them are missing the pop up screen appears before the test plan is submitted for execution.

Please note the pop will not appear if all the four checks are passed.

Analyze automated test result app

When the app is accessed the first landing page shows the results related to current release which is by default, but the filter value is blank. With changes in 1911 the filter will now show the default release. The app is enhanced to show the count of Test plans and Test Processes in positive integers and not real numbers.

Also refer complete list of available automated test scripts in 1911 in the “Automated Test Scripts Index”. Further detailed change information about the standard automate is available in the “Automated Test Script Change History” and “Test Script Release Change Information”.
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