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1.    Objective:

The objective of this blog is to explain how to make associations of a custom business object field with another custom business object.


What is Association in Custom Business Object?

Using association feature in Custom Business Object, we can provide a pre-defined set of values to a field in another custom business object. This will act like an F4 for that field in the custom business object. There is another feature already available called – Custom Code Lists, however, the custom code lists act like fixed value domain, whereas, association between custom business objects allow you to reuse content from other custom business objects.


2.    Requirement:

Requirement is to get the values in F4 help of a field of a custom business object from another custom business object.


3.    Steps

Now let’s go through the steps and see how to make association of a custom business object with another custom business object:

  • Let’s take the below example of the custom business object which we want to use as association in another custom business object:

The flag ‘Can be associated’ must be checked to make association with another CBO.


  • Now while creating another custom business object, in the field in which we want to get the values from the previously created custom business object in the type use ‘Association to Business Object’.

  • Enter the business object name which you want to associate with this field:

4.    Results

  • Maintain the below values in the custom business object ‘YY1_DESIGNATION’:


  • Now maintain the values in custom business object ‘YY1_EMPLOYEE’ and click F4 on field ‘JobLevel’:


Values in F4 help are coming from the custom business object ‘YY1_DESIGNATION’.


5.   Conclusion

We have seen that how we can make associations between two custom business objects and we can use the values of a custom business object in F4 help of a field of another custom business object. We need to make sure that the flag 'Can be Associated' is checked in the custom business object which we need to use in the association.