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SAP S/4HANA 2021 is out now! Available as SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition, and on-premise, it comes up with a new set of capabilities bringing simplification, innovation, automation, analytics and user experience to customers and end users.

The video provides a first impression of the new release and its highlights across all lines of business. If you are interested now, keep on reading! The following blog will provide further information on each screen that is presented in the video.


Sales & Marketing

Create Sales Orders SAP Fiori app: Finally, there is a SAP Fiori app to create and edit Sales Orders. It not only offers the delightful SAP Fiori User Experience but also comes with embedded analytics for optimal business transparency. On top, it allows lifecycle-stable and upgrade-proof adaptability and extensibility.


Mass Change of Sales Documents: The new app is the central entry point for mass change processing of sales documents. Together with the monitoring app it not only ensures correct and consistent sales documents processing, but also increases efficiency and productivity.

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Warranty end dates in In-House Repair: With In-house repair, repair services for the products and assets returned from customers can be managed in-house. To get a full picture of repair costs and conditions, the In-House Repair app now also displays existing warranty agreements and their end dates.


Supply Chain

Review Availability Check Results: With the SAP Fiori app “Review Availability Check Results”, the results of an availability check are presented in an integrated, easy-to-consume and explainable way. Independently of the used AATP method, it clearly breaks down graphically, how the order promising result is calculated.


Advanced Shipping and Receiving: The new integration of embedded EWM in SAP S/4HANA and embedded TM in SAP S/4HANA no longer relies on two objects (Transportation Unit in EWM and Freight Order in TM) that need to be continuously synchronized. With the Freight Order as leading and only object, the new integration offers higher throughput, but also allows new scenarios like inbound and outbound on one truck.

Find more information about Advanced Shipping and Receiving here.



Manage Process Order Operations: Besides displaying delays as well as quality and component issues in process manufacturing, the app “Manage Process Order Operations” now also displays a progress bar, which indicates the status and the progress of an operation graphically and as percentage. This leads to increased transparency, which allows even more informed insight-to-action.


Alert Chart for Projected On-Hand Alerts: With the Projected On-Hand Alerts app displaying an alert chart that represents the projected-on hand alerts in time - from today till the end of decoupled lead time, the current and future situation of on-hand stock becomes more transparent. This helps to evaluate the situation precisely to make the best possible replenishment adjustments.


Sourcing & Procurement

Price History for Central Purchase Contracts: With this new SAP Fiori app, the price and condition history of central purchase contracts can be monitored leveraging embedded analytics. Analyzing prices in the context of contract history and condition changes provides an additional perspective for evaluation, adds to the foundation of future negotiations and offers increased transparency into price volatility.


Contract Consumption Display and Print Preview in Central Purchase Contracts: For increased transparency, the SAP Fiori object page for central purchase contracts has been enhanced with an embedded chart to visualize the contract consumption. Furthermore, the usability has been increased through an integrated print preview.

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Research & Development

Classify Packaged Dangerous Goods: Dangerous goods regulatory content included in SAP S/4HANA allows the automation of dangerous goods classification. With checks that ensure that all shipments are dangerous goods compliant, adequate packaging, accurate transportation modes and routing are provided, and the respective dangerous goods documents are generated automatically.


New Change Record: The new change record offers a single source of change, enhanced drilldown capabilities and a new milestone overview. This not only improves the orchestration of the change process, but also offers enhanced process transparency as well as accelerated change processing.


Asset Management 

Maintenance Backlog Overview: The new maintenance backlog overview helps to keep track of maintenance orders in an interactive way. It helps to visualize maintenance operations in planning buckets and makes it easy to track backlogs. It also helps to monitor procurement of parts and services to ensure they are available when needed.


Spatial Asset Management: The combination of linear asset management and the Geo-Enablement Framework for EAM (available as dedicated bundle) enables end-to-end spatial workflows by seamlessly integrating geographical information systems (GIS) with business spatial data.



Machine Learning for Intercompany Document Matching: During corporate intercompany scenarios, the matching of intercompany documents is partially achieved by user-defined rules. The remaining items require manual effort to be matched. To reduce this manual effort, machine learning capabilities have been added and integrated in the exiting matching app to also automate the matching of documents that the defined rules do not catch. With this improved automation, overall process efficiency is increased.


Product Hierarchies in Margin Analysis: The centrally created and maintained structure of product hierarchies can now be used as additional reporting element in margin analysis. This provides further flexibility and granularity to margin analysis.


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