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Seasons form an important aspect in Product life cycle for the fashion industry.The production of fashion wear is determined or varies qualitatively according to the season for which it is manufactured.

The key attributes in Product master for Season functionality are -

Season Year , Season , Season Collection , Season Theme.

Season can be maintained in below three possible combinations-

-> Season Year and Season

-> Season Year, Season and Season Collection

-> Season Year, Season, Season Collection and Season Theme

Season workbench ("FSH_SWB") is used to configure seasons where a new combination of above three possibilities can be created / updated.

Every season has a validity date associated which is populated during a season assignment to a Product.

A season is determined when a purchase requisition or purchase order is created, either manually or by material requirements planning (MRP). In a purchase requisition, the season is determined based on the delivery date of the purchase requisition. However, in a purchase order, a season is determined based on the Creation Date and Delivery Date.

For multiple valid seasons, MRP selects the first valid season. Material enabled for a season must find a valid season as the purchase requisition or purchase order is created, otherwise the document cannot be saved.

After initially determining a season, manual changes made to the season data invokes a season check. If a season is not valid, a message (based on the message type maintained in the condition records) is displayed. For a planned or production order, the behavior corresponds to a purchase requisition and purchase order, respectively.

Product Master - Seasons

To assign a season in Product Master , follow the steps -

1.) Create / Edit a Single Article /Generic Article /Sales Set / Prepack /Display product using S/4 HANA Product Master application.

2.) Scroll down to Season facet in Basic Data.

3.) Click on "+" icon to add a new row

4.) Using Value help on Season Year field , you can select a new combination of the allowed possibilities for Season Year , Season , Collection and Theme.

5.) Save the Product

In case of generic article and variants,

-> Seasons from Generic articles are inherited in undeviated variants but are not part of Database.

-> If any season from any variant is changed, that variant becomes deviated variant and all season rows of that variant now sits in Database.

The undeviated variants will still show season inherited from generic articles.