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Hello All,

In this blog post I would like to bring to your attention these two Universal Tables which have been introduced in SAP S/4 HANA with respect to SAP PS objects and their linkages.

ACDOCA - It is the universal journal table unifying the elements for Accounting.

ACDOCP - This table was introduced in S/4 HANA 1610 release and stores the planned values. It has the same structure as the universal journal (ACDOCA)


All the actual cost or commitment values (PR/PO) raised against a WBS or NWA are getting stored in ACDOCA table.

Let's see how the Values get stored for a PO created against a WBS in ACDOCA..

Below is a PO created against a WBS element..

PO Against WBS

Now , lets search for this PO commitment value in ACDOCA table by giving the WBS element number in the field PS_ POSID  or the PO number in the field SRC_AWFREF


Results - ACDOCA

Points to note here

  1. This table stores all actual and commitment cost posted against a WBS or NWA.

  2. This table doesn't store Planned or PS budget values..

Coming to ACDOCP Table

This table doesn't store your planned cost values from traditional cost planing transactions like CJ40/CJR2 or ECP or Unit Costing!!  🙂 🙂

The Below reports shows planned cost of 314,000 euros.. But these values are not stored in ACDOCP.. You got to use Import Financial Plan data app in fiori to update this table..


To Understand more on these functions refer to the below SAP notes..



In Conclusion I would say that, if you are planning in projects in S/4 HANA using CJ40/CJR2 etc you should be using RPSCO/COSP old tables to get your planned values while developing your reports..


Hope it helps..