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I have been a Technical Consultant with SAP Concur for more than 10 years, working with clients of all sizes to implement Concur.  Many of those clients use the SAP Native Integration known as ICS.  As much as we would like for postings made via ICS to succeed every time, unique situations may arise or changes are made which cause a specific expense report fail to post.


SAP Integration with Concur (ICS) - all versions


Do you struggle to understand and resolve posting failure messages in ICS?

The information provided in the response is often helpful to quickly identify the cause and resolve.  Others are not as obvious and can take more effort to successfully post.  Below is a list of some of the error messages you may run across.  It also includes possible resolutions.  Because every SAP system is configured to meet your company's needs, detailed resolution steps aren't always available.  We do our best to guide you to find an answer.  Messages around taxes, vendors, and more are listed.

Error Code List

Error Code Error Message Issue Description Troubleshooting Steps
CTE_FIN_POSTING 070 Specify tax code for NON_DOMESTIC_CODE The Non-Domestic Tax code that is being passed from SAP Concur doesn't exist in the SAP Tax Configuration for the Default Country assigned to the Company Code in the posting

1) Ensure that the Non-Domestic Tax Code is the Same in ALL Tax Authorities within Concur.  **Note: If this is left out of one, or inconsistent, this can lead to this error.

2) When using Non-Domestic tax reclaim within Concur, be sure to uncheck the "Only Calculate Domestic" checkbox in the Tax Employee Related Configurations section.  When this is active, it will not pass any tax configuration except the Non-Domestic code that is maintained in the Tax Authority
CTE_FIN_POSTING 070 Specify tax code for taxReclaimCode The Tax Code that is maintained in SAP Concur in one or multiple lines does not exist in SAP for this country/region/date combination. Check the Tax Code setup in SAP for the Country in question to determine that it exists.  Quite often this message appears when a new tax configuration is created and the effective date is not in the historical period (Ex. Expense transaction date = Jan 1, 2021, but the configuration in SAP has the Tax effective date as July 1, 2021.
CTE_FIN_POSTING 070 Partially reclaimable tax not supported Not the case in S4 HANA For S4 HANA This can be rectified by applying the SAP Note: 3070182. If the Note cannot be applied OR this is not S4, then the configuration in Concur must be adjusted to ensure that 50% reclaim is not used.  This can be accomplished by changing the rate in Concur (Ex. Rate: 10% would need to be Changed to 5% [which is 50% of the rate]).  By reducing the rate, you will no longer need to set reclaim to 50%, this will then require the configuration to be changed in Concur to 100% reclaimable at the reduced rate.
CTE Posting: WBS ELEMENT WBS ELEMENT is not relevant for Posting The WBS element selected in the report is not posting relevant. SAP Cost Object replication is passing cost objects into Concur that are not configured in SAP to accept this type of posting.  Some cost object setups are configured for special purposes, and this may be one that fits in that category.
FS214 GL Account requires tax code One or multiple lines in the posting are sent with GL codes that require an SAP Tax Code to successfully post. Tax configuration in SAP Concur is required for all Expense Types in this Country (Even if the Tax amount is ZERO) OR a customer developed BADI to pass the necessary tax information must be created.  Alternatively, in S4 HANA the T-Code OBCL can be maintained by your SAP support to automatically override code to a configured 0% Tax Code.
FF707 Tax Entered Incorrectly The SAP ERP Tax Configuration is set to verify the tax amounts against what is maintained in SAP. Verify that the Tax Amounts in Concur match the rates in SAP.  If requirements specifically requests that the amounts differ, the rates in SAP will need to be adjusted, or change the SAP Tax verification process from a Hard Stop to a warning (in the SAP configuration)
FF724 Tax Entry not Possible in this Item One or multiple lines in the posting are being sent with a ZERO SAP Tax Code (A Tax code configured in SAP to expect ZERO tax) but have a Tax Amount greater than 0. Verify the SAP Concur Tax Configuration to ensure that any configuration that has a rate greater than 0 has an SAP Tax Code that is configured to receive tax amounts.  Any Expense type configured with a Zero Tax code must have a rate of 0%.
RW033 BALANCE IN TRANSACTION CURRENCY The full amount of tax as expected in SAP is not being received in the posting

Several possible remedies can exist:

1) Partially Deductible:  SAP is setup to require partially deductible tax (Ex. 50% reclaimable occurs).  SAP may require multiple Condition Types to satisfy this requirement and would require that Multiple Tax Authorities be setup in Concur to pass multiple Condition Types

2) The Tax Amount % configured in Concur doesn't match the amount % configured in SAP.
VENDOR Vendor ###### Does not exist The Vendor number stored in the Employee Profile does not exist in the Company Code maintained in the Default Posting Company Code (Employee Profile or Header - based on what is identified in the Wizard on the "Account Definition" screen of the Wizard) Ensure that the Vendor number is Valid and that it is extended to the appropriate Company Code based on the configuration in the Wizard (This IS NOT sourced from the Allocation - can be the Company Code in the Employee profile (ECC Only), or the Header).
CLEARING ACCOUNT Clearing Account ______ Does not exist The clearing account number that is stored in the payment type, Expense Pay, OR manually assigned to the User Credit Card assignment is incorrect or does not exist in the company code specified in one or more of the posting lines in the report. Verify the clearing account number and update if necessary.  If using Expense Pay, be sure to update the Liability Account code in the Payment Manager - Batch Definition setup.
COST OBJECTS Cost Object Missing OR Cannot Post to Cost Object SAP GL Codes are set to either Require or Not-Require a Cost Object.  Generally non-Balance Sheet Accounts Always require a Cost Object, so it would be very rare (and not SAP best practice) to post to a GL account that does not require a cost object. Best practice in SAP Concur is to make all levels of the Cost Object list as *REQUIRED* and due to this, any missing cost object errors can be traced back to missing field data or incorrect copy downs.  For a situation that warrants a post to a GL that is setup to NOT Require a cost object - this should be done with caution, as it may require different forms that remove the *REQUIRED* field requirement for the SAP Connected List.
POSTING PERIOD Period 1.2022 is not open SAP Finance posting period for the report posting date is not open. Choose the appropriate FI Posting date when configuring the FI Wizard for SAP Concur.  You must ensure that it aligns with the posting procedure that is in place in SAP.  If "Report Date" is chosen and that date is in the past, this may collide with the active/inactive posting periods in SAP.  Quite often, "TODAY" is selected, as the posting date, as this will coincide with an Active posting period in SAP.  Please contact internal FI support resource to open the posting period and retry posting the report.


Is there an error message you have encountered that isn't listed?  Post a comment with the message.  Let us know how you resolved and we may include your information in the next revision.