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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The SAP Mobile Service and Asset Management team is pleased to share details of the latest release of SAP Maintenance Assistant, the mobile maintenance execution solution for SAP S/4HANA Cloud. The fully offline solution increases technician tool time, providing on-hand asset and maintenance event-related data, when and where the technician needs it.

Please read on to learn more.

Table of contents

New features

Manage Mobile Application Configuration

A new Fiori application is now available to set the default notification type and enable application-wide data filters. This gives our customers more control over the data send to the mobile app and will save time for technicians when syncing.

The notification type can be adjusted to change the default when a user creates a new maintenance request, for example, the default can be set to Malfunction Report (M2) if that is the preference.

The data filters may be set to restrict the objects that will be downloaded to the mobile device. I can restrict the data, for example, to a specific plant and/or cost center. There are also options for measurements like fetching only objects with measuring points.

Support emergency requests

In case of emergency, you need to ensure that urgent repair work is carried out immediately without delay. The technician may now set the notification processing context to Emergency Work when submitting a maintenance request.

The system will create an emergency order that is released and dispatched automatically, thereby going immediately to the Execution phase. Skipping the intermediate planning, approval, preparation, and scheduling steps means that the emergency work can be carried out immediately.

The technician may also filter the maintenance requests list to view only Emergency Work.

Easier confirmations

We made several improvements to the confirmation process when completing an operation. Many technicians prefer to execute their work and handle confirmations at the end of their shifts.

The operation list now has quick filters for Started and On Hold operations so the technician can quickly narrow the list. There is also a Select button at the top which activates a multi-select mode*. Choose one or more operations and confirm them all at once.

Another enhancement is the inclusion of a Clear Reservations option if there are unused parts assigned.

Modify images

We introduced in-application editing for PDF documents in the last release, and now the same editing capabilities are available for images. A typical scenario involves attaching a photo of the work completed or when submitting a new notification. Annotations on the image allow a technician to be more precise and add context.

A technician may open an image attached to a maintenance request, maintenance order, or operation and enable the edit mode. She can set the color and pen thickness and access predefined shapes, e.g., rectangle, circle, arrow, or use the freeform drawing mode to annotate the image. The edited document can be saved to replace the original or saved as a copy.

Additionally, when the technician attaches an image, a slider allows the technician to downsize the image. The original and estimated new size are shown for comparison. Reducing the image file size reduces upload time when syncing and saves storage space on the backend.

About page

From the Profile Settings page, the user can view an About page to see system and user details. We include data like the application version number, as well as user information like default values.

This information can be helpful when troubleshooting user issues and is useful for customers and partners when doing quality assurance testing on custom client applications.

Release available now

SAP Maintenance Assistant is available now. The application is publicly available and includes an offline demo mode for viewing and testing the functionality. The application may be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We welcome your reviews and feedback.

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* The multi-select functionality will be available in an upcoming patch release.