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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The SAP Mobile Asset Management team is pleased to share details of the second release of SAP Maintenance Assistant, the new mobile maintenance execution solution designed for SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

This new solution follows SAP S/4HANA Cloud with a quarterly release cycle. So please follow the SAP Maintenance Assistant tag to be updated about ongoing improvements. We have a solid road map and I look forward to sharing more with you.

So let's get to it.

Fiori applications for application administration

A major part of our 2108 release is not related to the mobile application, but rather the implementation of Fiori applications for the mobile administrator to perform the administration of the Mobile Application Integration Framework (MAIF).

Administration for SAP Maintenance Assistant

The mobile administrator now has access to four new Fiori applications designed for them to monitor mobile usage and view logs to troubleshooting user issues.

The collection of Fiori applications is designed for the administration of the Mobile Application Integration Framework (MAIF). The admin now has dental to assist mobile users resolve issues during data sync and view logs and KPIs to help identify performance optimizations through the configuration of filters and mobile application parameters.

Mobile Admin Overview

This dashboard view shows a synopsis of all the administration applications. The admin can view a snapshot of the active mobile users, mobile objects, and client state. Search and filter to explore logins and objects for specific mobile users and see an at-a-glance chart of client state and dependent objects to aid troubleshooting.

The individual applications provide more details.

Monitor Mobile Client State

The admin may view a record of the objects distributed to the mobile client and explore details of calculated object keys, data distribution rules used for the calculation, and the time of the calculation.

Monitor Mobile Dependent Object

The admin may view the queue of dependent objects to be synchronized to the user's mobile devices. This helps the admin ensure the data can be streamed if there is a network disruption.

Monitor Mobile User

The admin can view a record of user logins and explore the login details based on user GUID. The application shows user logins from different devices and different mobile apps on the same device.

New features for the mobile application

We didn't focus only on admins for this release. For the mobile application, we focused on how the needs of technicians and improvements to the user experience.

Material movement

Parts are a major part of the technician workflow, in 2108 we added material management features.

The technician can now issue and return parts used to perform an operation, and return any unused parts. Serialized parts may be added (or returned) by entering or scanning the serial number.

Experience enhancements

The way a technician interacts with the user interface is an important aspect of how we design our applications. The priority of any best-in-class application is to make it easy for a users to complete their work. We continue to look at ways to improve the user experience.

Side menu navigation

Easy access to object lists in the application can speed up the work of technician as they move from one task to another.

The sidebar navigation menu is accessible from anywhere in that app with a simple left-swipe. The technician can quickly jump to all object list and user settings without the need to navigate back to  the overview page.

Dark mode

This release implements the Fiori mobile dark theme. Many technicians work in environments where a dark theme works best and many just prefer. The application now switches between light and dark display modes based on user’s device settings.

Side-swipe for contextual actions

The technician may now access common action(s) with a side swipe on object cells. The actions are specific to the technical object, e.g., start an operation, set time confirmation.

This improvement is another boost for productivity by reducing the number of clicks required within the user interface.

Confirmation entry fields

The confirmation entry modal now shows the Planned Effort time and allows the technician to input Remaining Work value when confirming operations.

When is the release available?

SAP Maintenance Assistant is available now. The application is publicly available and includes an offline demo mode for viewing and testing the functionality. The application may be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We welcome your reviews and feedback.