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Product and Topic Expert

Highlights of the SAP Intelligent RPA Best Practices Content with SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2202 Release.

This blog provides an overview of the #S4HANA #Cloud 2202 with the latest and greatest innovations highlights to drive and accelerate digital transformation with improved operations, increased service quality and automate to gain speed and efficiency. These innovations are released as part of our SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2202 shipment for Intelligent Robotic Process Automation using “SAP Intelligent Robot Process Automation Bot Store ".

In this blog, we will expand on the new capabilities with SAP Intelligent RPA giving you a complete cloud experience, simple interactions for business users and Low Code / No Code bot building experience. Simple browser-based bot building for citizen developers with drag and drop editor, workflow builder, process recorder and event-based capture for bot building.

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bring efficiency in processes across the business operation with high volume transactions. SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can handle process steps multiple times such as data entry, report generation and accessing multiple applications during process execution, e.g. web application, SAP S/4HANA Cloud ERP or non-SAP systems.

Process Automation is at the core of cloud business applications,  therefore we bring the latest innovation with SAP Process Automation that combines established Workflow Management and Robotic Process Automation capabilities to enable processes with automated application service invocations or event handlers, manual forms-based steps for data collection and multi-step approvals. 


SAP Process Automation simplifies process automation with visual drag-and-drop tools. Business users can now build workflows as well as automate tasks and decisions with ease and, if needed, collaborate with development teams to meet all their automation needs.

Future innovation with SAP Process Automation will enable automated bots, dynamic business rules and embedded intelligence from AI Services.

Latest release updates provide three important components that are newly added to SAP’s Intelligent Robotic Process Automation to drive efficiency for autonomous intelligence.


  • Cloud Component Improvements


    • Productivity improvements on SAP Document Schema management

    • Enhanced usability and flexibility by creating a single data type for each document schema regardless of the number of document templates created. You can enhance your automation experience, as you can now work with different templates but the extraction Schema remains the same.

    • Field preview in document schema selection in Cloud Studio allows the preview of the available fields when creating a document template from an existing schema to better understand the content inside the schema.

    • Centralized monitoring of raised alerts in Cloud Factory

    • Gain efficiency when monitoring alerts raised during job execution with the new Alert Logs table in Monitoring with centralized alert information and avoid navigating to job detail page for each alert and avoid creating alert handlers (when not needed).


  • SDK Improvements


    • Extract PDF by Page Range

    • New Activities in PDF SDK to extract PDF by Page Range to take an existing PDF file, split it according to the page numbers that are input, and outputs a new file or overrides the initial PDF file with only the selected pages.

Top 3 business driven innovations that automate your business processes using SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation capabilities with #S4HANA #Cloud providing intuitive User experience with the new Cloud Studio.

  1. Digital Automation for Procurement: Manage Catalog Items from Excel (529)

  2. Digital Automation for Manufacturing: Post Goods Movement (4FP)

  3. Digital Automation for Sales : Automatic Creation of Sales Order Requests from Unstructured Data (5LT)

Let’s take deeper look at the First business driven innovation for Procurement using SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation content with SAP S/4HANA.

Digital Automation for Procurement: Manage Catalog Items from Excel (529)

Catalog Manager or Purchaser maintains the catalog items for purchasing on a daily basis. SAP Intelligent RPA bot reduces the manual effort by automatically creating the catalog item into system, thereby increasing the accuracy and productivity. This use case helps automates the creation of Catalog item in SAP S/4HANA system using Excel as a source and Fiori app “Manage Catalog Items”.

SAP Intelligent RPA Bot built with Cloud Studio 2.0 in this release provides the below capabilities in manufacturing process.

  • Ability to creation of catalog Items from Excel at one time.

  • Useful for procurement processes that can help purchaser with operations for catalog items search by using catalog management for purchasing.

  • Ability to have bot  pick only those catalog items which are marked relevant for update/deactivation and perform the action.

Let’s take deeper look at the second business driven innovation for manufacturing processes where the SAP Intelligent RPA bot is built with Cloud Studio 2.0 in this release.

Digital Automation for Manufacturing: Post Goods Movement (4FP)

SAP Intelligent RPA Bot built with new Cloud Studio 2.0 version in this release help with simplify goods/materials movement  process.

SAP Intelligent RPA Bot bot provides an efficient way for stock transfer and transfer posting of stocks within plant and storage locations. It saves a lot of time to the warehouse clerks who have to keep track of the movement of the goods from warehouses and plants and maintain the stock records intact. The output of each order can be tracked in a spreadsheet and submit the Goods Receipt for multiple orders in one request. This bot functions in the SAP S/4HANA system and automates the records of the material movement.

Communication Scenario has to be set up in S/4HANA system for the Material Document Integration (SAP_COM_0108). See for more detail documentation here and SAP help documentation URL.

Digital Automation for Sales : Automatic Creation of Sales Order Requests from Unstructured Data (5LT)

Sales order processing constitutes a very important part of the order-to-cash process for enterprises. Internal Sales Representatives get order requests through unstructured files like pdf or pictures attached in the e-mails sent from customers.

SAP Intelligent RPA bot monitors the incoming e-mail with the order request in the form of attachment. SAP Intelligent RPA scans the Inbox and find the mails that include the defined keyword, it extracts the file from the Inbox and uploads the file into the SAP S/4HANA system.

SAP Intelligent RPA bot leverages a machine learning based recognition engine, based on SAP’s Document Information Extraction service to extract content from an unstructured source format (email, pdf etc.) and creates a sales order autonomously there by ensuring cost savings by reducing manual effort to create sales orders and improvement of data quality by sales order process automation.


Stay tuned for more updates in the next quarters!

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