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In today’s fast-moving business world, it’s important to innovate faster and increase quality to inspire customers and help employees work smarter.

Success is based on assessing new ways of working with the right tools, people, and processes.

Joining forces, the SAP Innovation Awards and Red Hat teams share a vision of recognizing companies that adapt to change and leverage open source one step at a time, with the ability to adjust directions along the way.

Together they honor and celebrate the achievements of forward-thinking organizations and individuals that have harnessed the power of the latest SAP and Red Hat products and technologies with the highest standards for testing, security, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Learn more by way of the SAP and Red Hat Customer Cases eBook.

Open for Transformation

Many intelligent enterprises are built on an open platform with Red Hat Enterprise Linux based on a portfolio of flexible solutions from automation, management, and integration, to app containerization and open hybrid cloud.

The Red Hat Open Innovation Labs has a history of embracing the best of open source tools, methods, and culture into an environment designed for speed and innovation. Customers’ engineers with open source experts work together to solve challenges, test ideas, deploy rapid prototypes, learn from the results, and modify the approach.

Transforming ideas into tangible business outcomes is in the DNA for both Red Hat and SAP.

Showcasing Customer Success

With the Red Hat and SAP Innovation Awards eBook, the SAP Community can view success stories based on the challenges, solutions, and outcomes.

Each awards submission provides a detailed breakdown. Metrics are provided addressing ROI (return on investment) along with leaders’ quotes, use cases, architecture, deployments, and advanced technologies used to achieve tangible value and impact.

Awards participants featured in the eBook represent 51 success stories in 16 industries, including:

  • Sanofi: Deployed a preventative maintenance process to increase field technicians’ efficiency by 30%, reduce 100% paper consumption, and 80% reduction in manual errors.

  • PayPal Holdings: Increased scalability and performance for extremely heavy financial workloads and reduce the cost of managing ever growing data volumes.

  • Cathay Pacific Airlines: Automated real time reporting and API-based integration to provide, on average, a savings of 3-8% in indirect purchasing, more than 7% person-hours per month, an annual 30% on hosting costs, and an 85% decrease in time taken to get data from external systems.

SAP and Red Hat are excited to share customer and partner stories that involve using SAP solutions to differentiate themselves, achieve tremendous results, and adapt to dynamic customer and marketplace requirements.

Each of these organizations represented in the eBook either use Red Hat in the entries or within the same organizations to impact a variety of enterprise initiatives.

Visit the SAP Innovation Awards website for news, announcements, and information on 2022 participation. Subscribe to the Awards newsletter.

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