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Product and Topic Expert

SAP Fiori Spaces and Pages

The goal of this point of view document is to provide an overview of the SAP Fiori Spaces and Pages functionality which was released as part 2008 and to provide setup information and additional links to the blogs & help documents.

In S/4HANA Cloud, essential edition so far, we had one home page with groups of apps or tiles that were created by each user based on their usage or needs.

As part of the SAP S/4HANA Cloud, essentials edition 2008 release, we have introduced the concept of SAP Fiori Space with Multiple pages which allow users with access to apps that are personalized and structured based on the business role to which space and page templates are assigned.

Each Space represents a work area, typically a business role a user would be assigned, and it contains multiple pages and with each page representing a work context with multiple sections that further list apps or tiles. The pages can be personalized either by adding or removing tiles or by adding or removing sections.

The Spaces and pages can be maintained while creating new business roles from a template using the SAP delivered space template. Additionally, the existing business roles can also be enhanced with space.

New Fiori Apps:

To support the functionality, 3 new SAP Fiori apps have been introduced under the User Interface - Fiori Launchpad design group -

  • Manage Launchpad Settings

  • Manage Launchpad Spaces

  • Manage Launchpad Pages

    Manage Launchpad Settings

    This app can be used to enable SAP Fiori launchpad spaces. If the SPACES setting is enabled, then the administrator can switch the whole system to the new approach. If the SPACES_ENABLE_USER setting is enabled, this setting would enable the user to switch/select between the SAP Fiori launchpad Spaces mode and the Classic home page as needed via the settings in the User actions menu. The recommendation would be to disable the SPACES and enable the SPACES_ENABLE_USER setting in this step.

    Activation of Spaces by end-user

    The end-user has the control to can enable or disable the Space functionality in the Settings. When enabled, the user can see the apps clustered in different spaces. When disabled, the classic home page gets displayed.

    Manage Launchpad Spaces

    This app provides an overview of all existing and SAP delivered Spaces. While defining Spaces and Pages for a business role, the administrators can make use of the SAP delivered spaces as templates. The templates contain one or more pages with one or more sections, listing typically used apps or tiles.


    • One can create, edit, delete Spaces.

    • Add Pages to and remove pages from a Space

    • Change the Order of pages inside a space.

    • Finally, it is integrated into the app "Maintain Business Roles".

    • Manage Launchpad Pages

      With this app, you get an overview of all existing and SAP delivered Pages. It also allows you to create custom pages either with or without the template delivered by SAP.

      Here is an example of the process to maintain space and pages.

      Creation of Space:

      The screenshot below shows the Manage Launchpad Spaces app, where you could see an overview of all the custom spaces created. As stated earlier, one can create, edit, copy, or delete Spaces.

      Let’s take the Space ID Z_MV_S_BUYER (Chemical Buyer Space) for example. When you try to edit the Space, it opens the detailed information where you can assign and edit the pages, business roles.

      Assign Pages to Spaces

      In the Pages tab, one can assign the multiple pages created to the Spaces and also edit the page layout. The Space ID Z_MV_S_BUYER is assigned to the page Z_MV_P_BUYER (Chemical Buyer Page).

      Editing the Page layout

      Assign Business roles to the Spaces

      In this step, you assign the business role Z_MV_BR_PURCHASER to the Space Z_MV_S_BUYER. This app is integrated into the app Maintain Business Roles.

      Creation of Pages:

      Now with the Manage Launchpad Pages app, one can create pages from the SAP template pages. It provides an overview of all existing customer-created and SAP-delivered Pages. It also allows you to define the layout of a page and select apps that should be displayed.

      Details of a Page –

      Within a page, one can create (with ID, Description, title), delete sections, add apps in a section or move the apps between the sections which are derived based on the business role assigned.

      It is also possible to preview the page.

      SAP - Delivered pages

      The SAP- delivered pages can be copied to create custom pages as well.

      Assignment of spaces to the existing business roles:

      In the Maintain Business role app, the manage launchpad space is activated. One can now enable the Space functionality to existing business roles if needed.

      Please find below the links to additional information related to Spaces and Pages.

      Help documentation:

      • For administrators: Enabling Spaces and Manage Launchpad Spaces and Pages.

      • For end-users: Spaces and Pages.

      • YouTube video:

        Further step on SAP Fiori 3 journey: Spaces with multiple pages in SAP Fiori launchpad.

        Links to blogs:

        • https://blogs.sap.com/2020/07/29/sap-fiori-3-multi-page-spaces-now-available-and-much-more.../

        • https://blogs.sap.com/2020/05/03/manage-spaces-and-pages-for-sap-fiori-launchpad/

        • https://blogs.sap.com/2020/04/30/get-to-know-the-new-spaces-concept-for-sap-fiori-launchpad/

          Micro-Learning Videos with demo: ​

          • https://open.sap.com/microlearning?topic=s4hana&videoid=1_axrvnfnh

          • https://open.sap.com/microlearning?topic=s4hana&videoid=1_7hkbxt44

          • Conclusion

            As an end-user in S/4HANA Cloud, essentials edition, I would like to use the Spaces and multiple pages functionality because it provides easier access to applications via SAP Fiori launchpad. With the Home page, I would have to scroll down to find the apps or tiles in the multiple groups of tiles. While in the Spaces, the tiles are grouped in a page according to the business role. Most importantly the layout is stable, organized and it can be personalized. Additionally, as an administrator, I will be able to create a Space using the template and assign it to new and existing business roles. However, before you implement this functionality make sure to take into consideration how roles changes during the upgrade and any other maintenance activity you might need to do to adjust…