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"Spaces" is one of the features which is now available for consumption with SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2005. With this the earlier home page, which was the start point of your application has now become deprecated, and Pages will be used to display the tiles instead.

How do you enable Spaces?

By default you will be shown the home page. To change this to the new 'Spaces' go to the user profile and select "Spaces". Switch the feature "ON" as shown below and save the settings.

You can find further details on Enabling Spaces here

A page is the part of the space and contains apps grouped in separate sections. The part in yellow shows the page in this case.

Apps and sections are preconfigured for a given role. This is the central starting point for an end user as they start the day's work.

Name of the space can be shown in the "Navigation Bar" as shown below. If this case the end user has 3 spaces assigned, and can click on each to navigate to it.

Can we add tiles to the Page?

You can add tiles to sub-section of the Page, using "Edit Current Page" as shown below:

Further details on adding apps can be found here. The Apps thus added will show in the "Recently Added Apps" section as shown below:

Note that apps shown are dependent on the device that you are using. In case you are viewing the page on a mobile device only the apps available for mobile device will show up on the Page.

On Mobile On Desktop

Here are some more details on Personalizing the Home Page and Personalizing a Page.

Does it have all the features of the home page and more?

There are a few restrictions as of 2005 as listed below, which are not supported:

  • Displaying links instead of tiles

  • Converting tiles to links

  • Personalisation of Pages in terms of changing tile information eg: tile name, adding custom tile actions, or select a group for an App

  • Featured Group

You can find the details here

Have you tried Spaces yet?

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