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In this blog I am going to show how to Edit Spaces and Pages for a given Business Role.

This is how the new Spaces look of a Customer Service Representative (In-house repair) looks like. Check out the details here

Changes can be made to both the Space and Page, to impact all users assigned to the business role. In this case “SAP_BR_CUST_SRVC_REP_REPA”

To do this open the Maintain Business Role App, and Edit the Business Role “SAP_BR_CUST_SRVC_REP_REPA”

Click on “Manage Launchpad Space” if you wish to change the complete space. This provides 3 options to choose from:

1. Create Space based on SAP-Delivered Space

2. Use Existing Space

3. Create New Space

Let us explore “Create New Space” in this blog

Enter the Title, Space ID, Description, Title and click “Create And Assign Space”

PS: Create Page from Business Catalogs and Groups was left checked.

This takes you to the “Manage Launchpad Spaces” App to edit the newly created Space. Note that the role has already been copied.

Click on the page, this opens the “Manage Launchpad Pages” App,

Let us Edit this Page:

It provides you the list of apps that could be added based on the role, I “Add” a new Section “Plan and Perform”, and Add the “Plan Repairs” and “Perform Repairs” to this section, and Save the changes.

Navigate back to the Business Role, and save (Ensure that the status shown is Active”

Now If I login as an Customer Service Representative (In-house Repair), the new space is available for use:

You as an end user can also do this by going to user Personalisation and choosing “Edit Current Page”. Note that this is a user level change and does not have any further impact.

This provides you with multiple options as shown here to Add Tile, Hide/Reset/Add Section

Click on Add Tile, chose a tile from “Situation Handling – My Situations”

On navigating back to the Page, click Close to save this new tile to the Page.

With this the new tile is now available on my In-House Repair Space.

Have you explored Spaces and Pages in detail yet?

Best practices for page creation can be found here

Would be great to hear your experiences on this.