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Hi, community,

We’re happy to announce the addition of three new cards to our global dashboard. The SAP Document and Reporting Compliance team keeps on improving the experience that you can have in our solution.

To give you comprehensive understandings and simplified access to essential information, these new cards bring the information that you’re looking for faster and more interactive. Let's dive into the details:

1. Reports - Monthly Calendar

The Reports - Monthly Calendar card offers you an overview of your periodic reports and their statuses for each day within a month. With this new card, you can use filters like Country/Region, Report Name, and Reporting Entity Name to help the search for specific information.

Easy navigation: Choose any periodic report listed, and you can directly access the Run Statutory Report app for detailed understandings and actions.

Screenshot of Reports – Monthly Calendar card


2. Reports - Upcoming Deadlines

With the Reports - Upcoming Deadlines card you can easily monitor the periodic reports due within the next 30 days, helping you never miss a deadline again. This card focuses on showing reports with statuses categorized as Due Soon or Due Later.

Just like the Reports - Monthly Calendar card, you can use the filters for Country/Region, Report Name, and Reporting Entity Name to find the information that matters to you.

Direct access: By choosing any of the listed reports, you navigate to the Run Statutory Report app for immediate actions.


Screenshot of Reports – Upcoming Deadlines card


3. Golden Tax Document Summary

The Golden Tax Document Summary card is specific for China and gives you a comprehensive overview of billing documents (SAP SD billings) categorized by Sales Organization and Status.

Key feature: You can customize your view by applying filters such as Golden Tax Billing Date and Golden Tax Sales Organization to get the information that's relevant to your business. This card includes a dropdown list of filters so that you can find out how many documents require action or follow-up based on their statuses.

Screenshot of Golden Tax Document Summary card


Disclaimer: All images in this blog come from our internal test system.


To access the cards Reports - Monthly Calendar or Reports - Upcoming Deadlines, you must have one of these Business Roles assigned to your user:

  • Tax Accountant-Legal Reporting (SAP_BR_TAX_ACCOUNTANT_REP)

  • General Ledger Accountant (SAP_BR_GL_ACCOUNTANT_XX)

  • Accounts Payable Accountant (SAP_BR_AP_ACCOUNTANT_XX)

  • Asset Accountant (SAP_BR_AA_ACCOUNTANT_XX)

  • Accounts Payable Manager (SAP_BR_AP_MANAGER_XX)

  • Cash Manager (SAP_BR_CASH_MANAGER_XX)

  • Accounts Receivable Accountant (SAP_BR_AR_ACCOUNTANT_XX)

  • Accounts Receivable Manager (SAP_BR_AR_MANAGER_XX)

The Business Roles that end in XX, for example SAP_BR_GL_ACCOUNTANT_XX, are country/region specific, where XX is the ISO code. For example, SAP_BR_GL_ACCOUNTANT_FR is the SAP Business Role for France.

To access the card Golden Tax Document Summary, you must have the Business Role Accounts Receivable Accountant for China (SAP_BR_AR_ACCOUNTANT_CN) assigned to your user.

For more information, visit SAP Document and Reporting Compliance Help Portal pages:

Manage Document and Reporting Compliance (Cloud)

Manage Document and Reporting Compliance (On Premise)

We believe that the addition of those cards will give you a better experience using the dashboard. When you want to have an overview of your reporting tasks and actions to take, you'll easily find the information that you need.

As always, your feedback is essential to us. The SAP Document and Reporting Compliance team keeps on working for you and to reduce your effort. Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions on new features so that we can continue to improve your dashboard experience.

If you liked reading this post, feel free to share the content with your colleagues. I invite you to follow my profile and leave a comment or a question. Remember to follow the tag SAP Document and Reporting Compliance to get the latest news available.

Thank you for choosing SAP Document and Reporting Compliance to run your business!