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(updated as of release 1809)


In this blog, commonly asked questions will be addressed:

  1. What Fiori apps are delivered for SAP Credit Management in S/4HANA?

  2. What reports are delivered for SAP Credit Management in S/4HANA?


New Features of SAP Credit Management in S/4HANA

The Credit Manager Analytics in this graphic are found in the role of “Credit Controller”. Additionally, the apps associated with the roles of “Accounts Receivable Accountant” and “Accounts Receivable Manager” may also be useful in the Credit Management process. Many of the analytics are available in both Fiori or the SAP GUI. Some of the recent innovations in Fiori will be highlighted in this blog.



Credit Management Fiori apps

As of release 1809, there are 33 Fiori apps in SAP Credit management. They are a combination of the former SAP GUI T-codes and new Fiori apps. They can be found by going to The Fiori Apps Library > select “All apps for SAP S/4HANA” > select “by Roles” > Search by Role “Credit Controller” > “Select all” > click on “List View” click on “Download”. Additional Fiori apps are planned in the 1909 release. Once finalized they will be announced.

I’d like to highlight the new Fiori apps available as of the 1809 release. Under the Group “Credit Management – Display Data”, the app Display Credit Management Log (app #F2161) is where you can display the status of jobs in Credit Management. If you need to check at a glance if a credit check failed or if you want to view the details of a failed credit check, this app gives you a clearly structured overview. To see the help documentation, click here.


Under the Group “Analytics for Credit Management”, the app Credit Limit Utilization (app #1751) displays the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Credit Limit Utilization, that is, the utilization of a business partner’s credit limit as a percentage value and an absolute amount. You can check which business partners are beyond the threshold value you defined. You can view credit limit utilization and credit exposure according to business partner, credit segment, country, and region. You can drill down by the top 10 business partners with the highest credit limit utilization and by the top 10 business partners with the highest credit exposure. You can customize the threshold value. In addition, you can customize the display currency into which all amounts are converted and an exchange rate type for the conversion. Best Practices 1QM and BD6 use this app. To see the help documentation, click here.


Under the Group “Analytics for Credit Management”, the app Analyze Credit Exposure (app # F2541) is where you can analyze your credit exposure by several dimensions and measures. It allows you to see your total credit exposure and provides you with insights to support risk diversification, segmentation, credit and payment term decision making. For example, you can view the top three countries with the highest credit exposure on this tile. The total amount of your credit exposure for the given country is displayed in your default currency on the launchpad tile. Then you can drill down for a more precise analysis of your credit exposure. You can view credit exposure by risk class, business partner, credit segment and country. Best Practices 1QM and BD6 use this app. To see the help documentation, click here.

Credit Management Reports

These reports can be accessed via the Fiori launchpad or in the SAP GUI via T-codes. Here are the most commonly used reports provided by SAP Credit management in S/4 HANA:

  • Credit exposure list report: UKM_MALUS_DISPLAY (T-code: UKM_MALUS_DSP)

  • Credit profile report: UKM_MASSDATA_DISPLAY (T-code: UKM_MASS_DSP1/2)

  • Payment behavior summary: UKM_VECTOR_DELETE (T-code: UKM_VECTORS)

  • Manage Documented Credit Decisions: ALV report (T-Code: UKM_MY_DCDS)

  • Credit exposure by categories: UKM_MASSDATA_DISPLAY (T-code: UKM_COMMITMENTS)

  • BP master data: UKM_BP_DISPLAY (T-code: UKM_BP_DISPLAY)

  • Credit check log display: UKM_LOG_DISPLAY (T-code: UKM_LOG_DISPLAY)

  • Credit data mass update: UKM_MASSDATA_UPDATE (T-code: UKM_MASS_UPD1/2/3/4)

  • Display mass update: UKM_MASSDATA_EXTRACT_READ (T-code: UKM_MASS_SHOW)



Let me know what you think of this blog or if you have ideas for other blogs that are needed. Future blogs will address Credit Cases managed via Documented Credit Decisions.

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