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Transportation IC card is one of the most popular payment methods for public transportation in Japan. Of these, the most representative is probably Suica provided by East Japan Railway Company. By using these transportation IC cards to pay for public transportation, you can reduce time-consuming and cumbersome cash transactions.

In fact, approximately 60% of all expenses processed by Concur Expense in Japan are for public transportation. The ability to accurately and quickly process public transportation expenses is a powerful tool for improving the efficiency of daily back-office operations.

This time, we launched the newest product in the localization of SAP Concur, IC Card Integration Service. This product automatically links the usage history of transportation IC cards used for public transportation in Japan to a user's Concur Expense account.

Three advantages of using this function

    1. Eliminates the need for a card reader device, reducing device installation costs


    1. No need to go to the office to read the IC cards


    1. Prevent manual entry errors and improve accuracy of expense reimbursement

Transportation IC cards such as Suica themselves can only store up to 20 records of usage. Therefore, when using a card reader device, users who frequently use public transportation need to read the card frequently, and if the number exceeds 20 before the card is read, the user must manually enter the transportation expense, which runs the risk of forgetting details or entering incorrect information. With the IC card Integration Service, the history is automatically linked, so there is no risk of loss or incorrect entry.

Function Overview

SAP Concur has launched a partnership with East Japan Railway Company (Suica), the largest IC card provider in Japan. This partnership enables us to automatically transfers the user's Suica usage history to "Available Expense" section in Concur Expense, which can be added to expense reports.


How to use


    1. Acquire a transportation IC card*


    1. Register your transportation IC card in Concur Expense


    1. When you use the transportation system, pay with the registered transportation IC card


    1. Your usage history will be automatically transferred and displayed in "Available Expenses"


    1. Create and submit an expense report using the expense items

*Currently, SAP Concur is able to link with Suica

In this article, I introduced the overview, benefits, and process of using the latest product in the localization of SAP Concur, IC Card Integration service.

We hope you will find this information useful and consider using the transportation IC card linkage.

Please note: The IC Card Integration Service is only available to customers based in Japan. It is not available to global customers with business operations in Japan.

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