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A cash advance allows employees to borrow money from their company prior to incurring any expenses. Cash advance provides a very useful mechanism in ensuring the employee is not out of pocket. It is pretty much a norm in countries where cash is more readily accepted.

It is a very popular feature, especially where cost control is critical. Currently cash advance is used by more than 4000 customers.

Cash Advance feature has seen a growth in the past couple of years where Top 5 countries using cash Advances are the US, Mexico, India, UK, Italy.

In the current enterprise application world, integration between applications is critical and thus it is important for applications to communicate via APIs.

In the previous blog, SAP Concur Localisation: Cash Advance we have covered how to create cash advances through concur system, and in this blog I will take you through the management of Cash Advance by APIs.

You can listen to Manage Cash Advance through Demo from gaganpreetsingh.arora in the below video.

Cash Advance APIs:

SAP Concur Cash Advance Public APIs provide partners and customers an ability to manage Cash Advance through APIs. These APIs are available to partners to create applications on SAP Concur Cash Advances.

  • Cash Advance Create API:

    • Create API can be used to create Cash Advance.

  • Cash Advance Get API:

    • Get API can be used to get the details on the Cash Advance created.

  • Cash Advance Issue API:

    • Issue API can be used to Issue the Cash Advance which was already created using the create API.

Cash Advance Create API:

Request URL(POST): /cashadvance/v4/cashadvances


Get API Response Body:

Request URL(GET): /cashadvance/v4/cashadvances/{cashadvanceId}



Issue API Request Body:

Request URL(POST): /cashadvance/v4/cashadvances/{cashAdvanceId}/issue


Cash Advance API in Action:

Cash Advance APIs support Company and User Authentication.

Company or User Authentication is mandatory and has to be passed in the Header


Create Cash Advance API:

If the Create Cash Advance API is successful, a cashAdvanceId is generated and is displayed in the Response body.

This cashAdvanceId can be used for Viewing the cash advance details and also can be used for issuing the cash advance.


Get/Retrieve Cash Advance API:

cashAdvanceId is passed in the URL which will be used to retrieve the details of the cash advance.


Issue Cash Advance API:

cashAdvanceId will be used to issue the cash advance.

Cash Advance APIs support User and Company JWT and as a result, Cash Advance APIs can be used to automate the cash advance process and can be integrated with any application.


Documentation Link:

Cash Advance Swagger API Document

Cash Advance v4 API Document

For additional details please refer the below links

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