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A cash advance allows employees to borrow money from their company prior to incurring any expenses. When a requested cash advance is approved and paid, the employee can use the money for the business expenses they may be about to incur.

Managing Cash Advances is very important for companies, and one that’s difficult to orchestrate with manual processes, paper receipts and handwritten notes. By using software to track and monitor cash advances, companies can reduce errors and pay cash advances faster to their employees.

SAP Concur, the flagship Travel and Expense management cloud product of SAP has a strong cash advance management feature used by thousands of customers worldwide.

More than one million cash advances are processed in Concur every year. Cash Advances are widely used in USA, Mexico, India, UK and Italy.

Today, I would like to introduce you to cash advance feature and will take you through different ways of creating it in SAP Concur.

You can listen about cash advance from gaganpreetsingh.arora and udaykumar.nettem in the below video

Cash Advance Management in SAP Concur

 SAP Concur has an easy to use and extensive feature set that helps companies to efficiently manage an otherwise cumbersome cash advance process. Some of the major features are

  • Highly configurable and efficient workflows that allows companies to issue, manage and track cash advances

  • Cash Advance Workflow consists of three steps out of the box.

    • Cash Advance Request Submit: An employee submits a cash advance.

    • Cash Advance Approval: One or more approvers can approve or reject a cash advance.

    • Cash Advance Reviewed: The cash advance administrator marks the request as either issued or not issued.

  • Additional steps can be added and removed as per company needs.

  • Cash Advance Integration with SAP Financials ensures that the funds are accurately and timely paid to the users. If the customer is using Concur Financial Integration then cash advance flows to the SAP financials one the advance is issued.

  • Configurable policies, settings and rules provides control on usage and return of cash advances.

  • Integration with corporate credit cards allow companies to use ATM withdrawals as cash advances.

  • Next Generation User Interface provides user an intuitive way to create and view cash advances.

Let’s look at different ways of creating cash advances in SAP Concur

Cash Advances from Expense User Interface:   A user can login to SAP Concur and request a new cash advance. Depending on the approval configurations, the cash advance after approval gets issued to the user.

Below picture shows a basic cash advance flow when requested from Concur Expense User Interface.

Cash Advances Directly Paid by Admins/Budget Owner:  An authorised administrator (called as cash advance administrator) can directly create and issue the cash advance to the user. Typically these admins are budget owners or financial administrators of the company who are responsible for handing out cash to employees.

Below picture shows a flow when directly issued by cash advance administrators

 Cash Advances from Corporate Credit Cards:  ATM withdrawals from corporate credit cards can be configured to be imported as cash advances in SAP Concur. This helps in managing and tracking ATM withdrawals from corporate credit cards.

Cash Advance from SAP Concur Travel Request:

SAP Concur Request: Getting employees to spend within budgets and stick to policies is a constant challenge. Concur Request lets managers take control of spend with a system that’s easy for employees to use and gives approvers the visibility they need.

For an example if an employee wishes to travel for business purpose then company may ask the employee to submit a travel request containing expected expenses and cash advance.

The employee in this case will only receive the cash advance when the whole travel request is approved.

Watch out for the next blog on how Cash Advances can be managed by API’s in SAP Concur

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