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There are various trends which are defining the way the sustainability topic is being discussed, approached, and implemented at organizations. On one hand, we saw a lot of sustainability CSRD legislations going into effect this year which is resulting in a growing focus for sustainability accounting (read this blog on sustainable finance in SAP). Simultaneously, we see a rising demand and awareness in the circular economy topic, represented by the various plastic tax regulations and EPR schemes that are showing up in various countries (read this blog on the importance of sustainable design). Moreover, with all the various standards showing up, it becomes more and more important to have proper reporting solutions to give a holistic view of the various aspects of the business.

but what does that mean for our partner community?

It means that Sustainability must be addressed today, and it must be addressed holistically. Since it is called the “Intelligent Sustainable Enterprise” Sustainability is an end2end, cross topic that touches many different areas of the enterprise.

To bring the sustainability story to life, this video provides an example of how the sustainability journey could look like in a fictional consumer product company. We identified a few areas along the value chain and showcased how using different solutions could assist in the customer's journey towards sustainability.”

I hope that you are inspired now to embark on the journey of Sustainability with your team. Therefore, we have linked for you the Partner Onboarding Guide here. The Partner Solution Adoption Team is here to help you!