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Product and Topic Expert
With SAP Teched 2023 exciting new SAP Cloud ALM features were announced for SAP BTP Customers

SAP Cloud ALM is a cloud-based application lifecycle management tool that has been a go-to solution for many SAP customers for their implementation and operation related activities. Now, SAP Cloud ALM has expanded its horizons by introducing new capabilities that will benefit SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) customers.

You can refer the following announcement for more details regarding the set of capabilities rolled out -  SAP Cloud ALM Extended to Cover SAP BTP

These are the key capabilities currently supported for SAP Business Technology Platform Services

Centralized Alert Management

SAP Cloud ALM simplifies alert management by providing a central platform for integrated monitoring. This means customers can access all their monitoring data in one place, streamlining IT service management processes. The observability data generated by various tools can automatically generate tickets in customers' ticketing systems, saving time and effort.

End-to-End Monitoring

SAP Cloud ALM aims to provide end-to-end monitoring, focusing on key use cases such as integration and exception monitoring. This ensures the reliable exchange of data, especially for SAP Integration Suite users. The tool collects data from all components involved, whether they are consumer or producer systems, or integration artifacts.

Job and Automation Monitoring

For customers using automation created with SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Cloud ALM offers transparency through job and automation monitoring. This feature ensures that automated processes, such as workflow management, run smoothly without interruptions.

Health Monitoring

The tool also checks the technical health of SAP BTP components, including SAP BTP Neo environment, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP BTP Cloud Foundry environment, and SAP Integration Suite. Customers can monitor various technical key performance indicators (KPIs) to react appropriately.

Integration with Third-Party Tools

SAP Cloud ALM is an open platform that exposes data via APIs to third-party tools, enabling customers to integrate their preferred application performance management (APM) tools or data lakes seamlessly.

In this blog we will explore how to setup Job & Automation monitoring for SAP Build Process Automation using SAP Cloud ALM

I have first setup two sets of automations on SAP Build(Business Process & Task) using the following Learning Journeys

Once your projects are available and running on SAP Build, we need to ensure that the monitoring data is now pushed to the SAP Cloud ALM tenant. This can be done in using the following steps

Configure SAP Cloud ALM Integration

Create a new destination as mentioned in the Help Documentation

Activate Monitoring from SAP Build

Go to Control tower in the Build Lobby and navigate to the SAP Cloud ALM tab within the Backend Configuration section.

Add your SAP Build Process Automation Tenant ID and save. Afterwards click on the register button. All scheduled jobs and API triggers will be listed. You can also select the KPIs to be pushed as a part of Health Monitoring.

Add user specific SAP Build components to SAP Cloud ALM monitoring scope

Ensure that your SAP Build Services are included within the Scope of Job & Automation Monitoring & Health Monitoring Apps

Once your SAP Build Automation service has been included within scope, you can view the pertinent monitoring data being pushed by the SAP Build applications and tenants.

In this case you can also view how execution history of the connected SAP Build Process Automation agents.

SAP Cloud ALM is readily available to customers as part of their subscription and support contract, making it easier than ever to unlock its powerful monitoring capabilities for SAP Business Technology Platform. Whether you're monitoring custom applications or integrating SaaS solutions, SAP Cloud ALM is your trusted partner in ensuring a seamless and efficient SAP BTP experience.

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