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There are currently two ways to access SAP Activate Methodology content: 1) SAP Roadmap Viewer and 2) SAP Cloud ALM.  The same great SAP Activate content is available via both options; however, SAP Cloud ALM offers extended features allowing both project managers and implementation experts to better manage their work online. Some examples of the features are:

  • Assigning tasks to teams and users

  • Adding project specific tasks

  • Tracking completion status as part of the project management capabilities

As there are hundreds of assets available about SAP CALM, I will highlight two resources available to those who would like to become more familiar with SAP Cloud ALM quickly. First, the End to End Story for Implementation in SAP Cloud ALM  blog provides a detailed overview of working with SAP CALM. The author, Jagmohan Singh Chawla, walks the user through the sequential steps of requesting, creating, managing, and executing an entire SAP Implementation project in SAP Cloud ALM.  I would highly recommend to favorite it as the " Master Blog" as it provides a quick access to the overall process and direct links to all the necessary content.

End to End Story for Implementation in SAP Cloud ALM

The second asset I would recommend is the SAP Cloud ALM Youtube playlist.  This is a great resource for those who prefer to watch videos instead of reading a bog, This playlist provides a listing of videos detailing all the features available in SAP Cloud ALM. In addition, the videos are portioned perfectly for those limited in time.

SAP Cloud ALM Youtube playlist.

In addition to the two above listings, I would also highly recommend the following resources for those who would like to continue to learn more about SAP Cloud ALM:

Good luck as you grow in your SAP Cloud ALM knowledge. Many thanks to Jagmohan Singh Chawla for providing such great resources.

If you have question that we didn’t answer above, please post in SAP Activate Community and we will get back to you shorty. You can explore more SAP Activate resources in SAP Community, we encourage you to consider following our sister communities SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP Cloud ALM.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments to this blog post or via questions in the SAP Activate community.

Stay tuned for more updates and blogs.

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