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Are you new to SAP Business One? If you are, don't get confused on where to find learning sites for your SAP Business One Journey. These are the mostly used sites to help you.

Dear readers, please note that this page will not be further updated. For the most up-to-date and officially approved content please refer to the SAP Partner Portal

Learning Sites for Partners Learning Method Est Time (hrs)
1) Sales Executives e-Learning e-Learning 11
2) Sales Executive Qualification (1 Certification for PE Sell) Online 1
3) Marketing e-Learning Online 3

4) Marketing Revenue Generation (Badge thru Open SAP)

5) Pricing and licensing guide for SAP Business One




1) The SAP Business One WOW demo Video 0.25

2) SAP Intelligent Enterprise for SME - Business One: Sales and Presales

3) License Comparison Chart for SAP Business One


MS Excel
1) SAP Business One HANA Installation e-learning Video 24
2) SAP Business One Introduction e-Learning 2.5
3) SAP Business One Logistics e-Learning 39
4) SAP Business One Accounting e-Learning 21
5) SAP Business One Implementation & Support e-Learning 17.5
6) SAP Business One Solution Consultant Certification (2 Certifications for PE Sell) Online 3
1) SAP Business One SDK e-Learning 24
2) SAP Business One Extensibility e-Learning 8
3) SAP Business One Analytics e-Learning 5
4) SAP Business One Cloud Control Center (CCC) e-Learning 2
1) SDK e-Learning & Overview + e-Learning 27
SDK supplementary training via Online Videos (WebEx player required) Video
2) Extensibility e-Learning 8
3) Open SAP- Integration for SAP Business One e-Learning 160


PartnerEdge Presales Slides (always latest)
SAP Business One  Roadmap
Implementation Methodology (AIP)
License Comparison Chart for SAP Business One
SAP Help Portal SAP Business One HANA
SAP Business One  SQL
Working with SAP Business One Mobile App for Android
Working with SAP Business One Mobile App for iOS
SAP Business One Hardware SAP SAP Business One Hardware Requirements Guide
SAP Business One HANA Sizing Tool
Certified and Supported SAP HANA® Hardware Directory

BOM for Certified HANA Hardware

SAP Business One Platform Support Matrix for SQL version

SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA Platform Support Matrix
SAP One Support Launchpad Installers

Generate Licenses

How To Request License Keys: Step by Step Guide

722980 - Guidelines for Creating Customer Incidents in SAP Business One
SAP Business One Maintenance Policy and Support Scope
SAP SAP Business One Notes
     1) Note 2267770 - Feature Package & Patch Delivery Schedule for Components Related to SAP Busin...

Knowledge Base

Localized Demo Databases for SAP Business One
Customer Stories Customer Stories/References
SAP Business One YouTube Videos SAP Business One YouTube Videos
SAP Community Network (SCN) SAP Community Network (SCN)
SAP SAP Business One Blogs SAP SAP Business One Blogs
SAP App Center Certified Add-ons

SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One Web Client

SAP Business One Add-on Certification

SAP Business One Localizations and Contacts

SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One Web Client Portal

SAP Business One Add-on Certification Guide

SAP Business One Localizations and Contacts




SAP Business One Compliance

Bug: Log a customer incident to SAP Support  (After L1 & L2 Support)
New feature Request: Create an idea on Customer Influence Program for SAP Business One.
SDK How-to question: Post a question in SCN forum (e.g. SAP Business One SDK).
We aim to build a community, where partner can share, learn and help together.


LinkedIn/Social Media Accounts to Follow:
Official SAP SAP Business One LinkedIn Group
Official SAP SAP Business One YouTube Channel
Official SAP SAP Business One Facebook Group
Official SAP SAP Business One Twitter Page


  1. Almost all links/sites require S-User ID & S-User ID comes with authorizations for you to open the page. For authorization issues, please contact your Company's Super Administrator.

  2. For the Learning Journeys, it is available in Learning Hub. Learning Hub requires subscription.

  3. Choose to have fun while learning! 🙂



1. I cannot create an incident using my S-User ID, what should I do?


a. Most common issue in incident creation issue is the use of the right link. Please refer to SAP Note 722980 - Guidelines for Creating Customer Incidents in SAP Business One

b. Please ask your Super Admin if you have the authorization to create an incident. If permission is given and still you cannot create, ask your Super Admin to create the incident. In addition, your Super Admin should make another incident in relation to your S-User ID issue.

c. Last option is to contact SAP Support thru channels from, https://support.sap.com/en/contact-us.html?anchorId=section_42886245.

2. How to Contact SAP Business One Support? I have a system error for assistance.

Answer: Please refer from PartnerEdge, https://partneredge.sap.com/en/products/business-one/support/contact-support.html.

3. I cannot see a Customer in maintenance in my Support Launchpad. How to make it available?

Answer: Please create an incident and share documentations for Support reference.

4. I have a Customer not in maintenance and is not in my Support Launchpad, how can I generate a new license key as the Customer will change server?

Answer: Please refer to SAP Note 2426405 - Out of Maintenance Customers Do Not Appear on Support Launchpad for SAP Business One.

5. There's a webinar that I wasn't able to register and attend, how to get a copy of the recording?

Answer: Mostly, webinar's for SAP Business One are published in PartnerEdge. An email is sent to attendees who registered for the session.

6. What's the process for SAP Business One Certification?

Answer: SAP Business One Consultant to book the exam using his/her S-User ID. Link to book is available in SAP Learning Hub> Learning Journey> SAP Business One Implementation> SAP Certification for SAP Certi.... Once booked, billing will be triggered by SAP Country Finance. After payment settlement, exam schedule will be available for booking.

7. I have an issue in my learning hub like I cannot register to a webinar or bootcamp, how can I register?

Answer: Please email partner@sap.com. Make sure to share your S-user ID and if there's error, share the screenshot as well.

8. What alternatives are there for Intercompany Integration Solution?

Answer: https://me.sap.com/notes/3250656/E

Please check FAQ: Intercompany Integration Solution for SAP Business One. All other inquiries related to Intercompany Integration Solution, please reach out to, SMECustomerPartnerCare@sap.com.


9. I have an open incident and its status is High or Very High and this causes downtime to Customer operations, how to escalate the incident?

Answer: When a customer experiences a severe issue which is affecting key business operations, and the joint efforts of Partner and SAP Support at addressing such issue have not resulted in a viable solution or workaround within reasonable time, a Customer, Partner or Local Field can request an Escalation.

a) Please make a follow-up thru the incident.

b) Please check, https://partneredge.sap.com/en/library/assets/products/ent_mng/sbo/support/tr_d_sbo_spt_escprcs.html.

10. I’d like to get SAP Business One latest slides for Sales purposes and I’d like to know how many Customers we have for SAP Business One globally?

Answer: Latest slides and Customer count are in PartnerEdge (PartnerEdge>SAP Business One>Sell>Executive Sales Presentation: An Introduction)

11. We are PE Sell and we have Sales Executive or certified Consultant that recently passed the assessment/exam but it's not reflected in our Partner Account, how to have it updated?

Answer: Please email partner@sap.com and provide S-user ID/s, complete name and exam/assessment reference/s.

12. There's SAP Business One function that I need and it's not mentioned in Product Roadmap, how to have it included?

Answer: Please check SAP Business One Customer Influence Portal and search first same requirement. If it's created already, you can vote or check it's status. If not yet available, you can create an new entry.

13. For certified HANA servers, is it okay to remove or change some items in the BOM?

Answer: BOM for certified hana appliances will stay as is. It will be deployed no more no less as those components have all been considered by SAP Engineering during testing and certification.

14. I want my B1 add-on to be certified, what are the steps?

Answer: In this blog, please find  "SAP Business One Add-on Certification Guide".

15. I want my other Apps or Solutions to be available in SAP Store, how to process?

Answer: Please click here to find out more detailed information available on https://store.sap.com/dcp/en/partner-with-us & https://www.sap.com/partners/partner-program.html


These are helpful guides for your kind reference too.

All Guides: https://store.sap.com/dcp/en/partner-with-us/documentation/partner-cockpit-overview

How to Onboard a new solution onto SAP Store: https://store.sap.com/dcp/en/partner-with-us/documentation/create-a-new-solution-page

How to Update/edit an Existing Solution: https://store.sap.com/dcp/en/partner-with-us/documentation/update-a-solution-page


If you need further support, please email: partner@sap.com

16. I forgot what are the requirements of my PE Sell?

Answer: Please check SAP PartnerEdge Program Guide, https://partneredge.sap.com/en/library/assets/partnership/about_partneredge/benefits/ps_pg.html.

17. What are the latest functions in the new SAP Business One FP?

Answer: What's New in SAP Business One 10.0, What's New in SAP Business One 10.0, version for SAP HANA

18. Can I ask for specific details and timeline of Planned Innovations and Product Direction from SAP Business One Product Roadmap?

Answer: We can only share the details listed here. No further information is available. In addition, this is the current state of planning and maybe changed by SAP at any time without notice.

19. I can’t generate SAP Business One Test and Demo Licenses, what should I do?


a) Make sure your Partnership with SAP is active,

b) In your Partner Portal in Manage my services page Manage My Services (ondemand.com), you have an active contract for SAP Test and Demo User for SAP Business One,

c) Lastly, check Test, Demo, and Development for Non-Commercial Licensing (NCL) Process & Test & Demo User License Coverage for SAP Business One.

If you have further questions, please email to TDD@sap.com.

20. My Customer needs a certification like Vulnerability Assessment for SAP Business One, how can I get a copy?

Answer: Only certifications available from SAP Trust Center can be provided to Customers.


Zhiliang Yang, Ankit Garg