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With the release of SAP Business One 9.2, there are some inquiries from partners regarding the SAP Business One certification.  This blog will try to illustrate the different versions and suggested certification roadmap.

1. SAP Testing Environment version, SAP Certification version and Partner Add-on version.  One question often asked is about the version.  We have the below versions which could be involved in the certification:

SAP Business One Version - This is the version which the certification testing will be conducted.  Currently, the version is 9.2 with a certain patch level.

SAP Certification Version - Partner developed add-on will be tested and certified via the SAP ICC Business One certification program, the certification program itself has the version.  Below is what we have for SAP Business One add-on:

  • SAP Business One SDK add-on certification 9.0

  • SAP Business One Add-on Solution Certification for SAP HANA 1.0

  • SAP Business One in Cloud Certification 1.0

Partner Add-on Version - Partner add-on will bear a name and version in the certification.  It is recommended that the partner add-on shall only carry the main release and minor release information, such as 2.1.  The patch level of the add-on is not recommended in the add-on version unless it has a significant meaning from partner add-on lifecycle.

Once the certification test is successfully completed, both the SAP testing environment version and SAP Business One certification version will be documented in the Test Report and Certificate issued to the partner by SAP ICC to acknowledge the success of the certification.

The above-mentioned SAP certification version may be changed if there's a fundamental change in the next release of the SAP product.

2. Suggested Certification Roadmap
Currently, we have the below three platforms which the SAP Business One add-on can be certified and eventually deployed to the SAP Business One customer:

- SAP Business One add-on can be deployed onto .NET with MS SQL.  MS SQL version could be from 2008 to 2014
- SAP Business One add-on can be deployed into SAP HANA with SAP HANA DB
- SAP Business One add-on can be deployed into SAP Business One in Cloud landscape.  SAP Business One in Cloud is not an installation which enables the end-user to use it remotely, it has its own unique architecture, such as Multi-tenant.  The partner add-on shall be certified upon SAP Business One for SAP HANA first, then it can be tested in the Cloud

Based on the above technical fact, as a partner, you will experience all above scenarios in the market since these environments will be co-existing for a certain period or time.  In order to address this situation, as a partner, you may want to have your add-on certified for all three scenarios mentioned above.  SAP ICC introduced the SAP Business one Bundle certification package which will support your business goal and make the certification more cost effective.  For more details, please refer to the following link regarding this bundle package:


Please direct your inquiries to SAP ICC icc-info@sap.com.