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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP Business ByDesign 22.05 is now ready!

SAP Business ByDesign 22.05 is now available and the SAP Business ByDesign What’s New blog gives you an overview about the most important new features of SAP Business ByDesign 22.05. These are the so called Focus Topics ().
For these Focus Topics, additional in-depth blogs and videos are available - just click the link next to the Focus Topic in the What’s New blog.

To get an overview about all new features of SAP Business ByDesign in 22.05 please go to the What's New document.

You can also check out the What’s New Video to get a sneak-peek into the topics.


  • Dispatching Board for Service Orders
    Service Planners have an easy-to-use dispatching board to quickly assign service order items to employees based on their availability (Blog).

  • Leads as Follow-Ups of Business Card Scanning Interactions
    Customers are now able to create Leads as follow-ups of your business card scanning interactions (Blog).

For detailed information about What’s New in the Customer Relationship Management area, please click here.

Cross Topics & Mobile

  • Extended Enterprise Search
    Consistent help search experience for end-users independently if they use the help center search or the enterprise search (Blog).

  • API executed bots
    The new type of API trigger opens a dedicated endpoint that allows to start the execution of a process or an automation (Blog).

  • Document Information Extraction Template Role
    It is now possible to use own templates in the document recognition service (Blog).

For detailed information about What’s New in the Cross Topics area, please click here.
For detailed information about What’s New in the Mobile area, please click here.

Financial Management

  • Active Budget Control
    The new capabilities enable customers to actively check and better control their spending behavior in the overhead cost area (Blog).

  • Foreign Currency Remeasurement for General Ledger Accounts
    With this functionality now also balances of general ledger accounts of the types OASSET and OLIAB can be converted from foreign currencies into the company currency on a specific key date (Blog).

In total customer improvement requests with 89 votes were delivered for the Financial Management area in 22.05.

For detailed information about What’s New in the Financial Management area, please click here.

Human Resources 

  • Employee Transfer – Retain Manager Assignments
    It is no longer necessary that HR administrators reassign managers to their managing organizations when executing the transfer event in Personal Administration (Blog).

For detailed information about What’s New in the Human Resources area, please click here.

Supply Chain

  • Create Physical Inventory Count Documents via Microsoft Excel
    Warehouse managers are now able to prepare the product counts in MS Excel® format first and upload later the list of items for physical inventory count to ByDesign (Blog).

  • Manually Create a Production Order
    Production managers are now able to immediately to create production orders without using the steps in planning (Blog).

  • Product Specification for Bill of Material Components
    With the new feature it is now possible to maintain a product specification on BOM item level (Blog).

In total customer improvement requests with 328 votes were delivered for the Supply Chain Management area in 22.05.

For detailed information about What’s New in the Supply Chain Management area, please click here.


  • Austria
    VAT OSS – Tax Payment
    Austrian companies registered for EU-OSS with an Austrian tax authority and having an Austrian bank account can now do VAT OSS payments using SEPA credit transfer (Video).
    Aggregation Run Enablement
    It will now be possible for customers to create a tax return containing more than fifty thousand split items for the 'OSS Tax Return' for Austria (Video).

  • Canada
    VAT Grouping
    Customers will now be able to post and report documents for the parent and the subsidiary company together for several tax reporting group (Video).

  • China
    Enhancement in Direct Cash Flow Statement with Remeasured Foreign Currencies for cash postings
    Chinese customers can choose Cash Flow Keys as FCR relevance by enabling FCR Indicator at BC finetuning 'Direct Cash Flow Statement’ (Video).

  • France
    Withholding Tax Return
    Customers can now enter and save occupation of a supplier and APE code of a company at tax arrangement level which will reflect in output file of withholding tax return (Video).
    New Vehicle classes in Expense Reimbursement Management
    Customer can use new vehicle classes in the expense report and expense arrangement and will be able to get reimbursement amount as per statutory mileage rates (Video).

  • Great Britain
    Aggregation Run Enablement
    It will now be possible for customers to create a tax return containing more than fifty thousand split items for the 'VAT Return' for Great Britain (Video).

  • Greece
    Enhancements in Warehouse Report
    Customer can now see the Purchase amounts and Purchase quantity in the warehouse report for transactions done partially (Video).

  • India
    Stock Transfer Order Credit/Debit Note
    India E-Invoicing scenario support has been extended with this option of Credit Memo or Debit Notes against Stock Transfer Order (Video).
    Stock Transfer Order ( GST + Compensation Cess )
    Compensation Cess along with GST will be posted at the time of outbound delivery and inbound delivery (Video).
    Aggregation Run Enablement
    It will now be possible for customers to create a tax return containing more than fifty thousand split items for the India 'GSTR-3' tax return (Video).

  • Spain
    Down Payment Processing in SII - Incoming Invoices' Tax Return
    Both the supplier invoice and the clearing document will be reported and submitted together in the 'SII - Incoming Invoices’ tax return (Video).

  • South Korea
    Self-Billing for Electronic Tax Invoices
    Both the supplier invoice and the clearing document (Video).
    Pre-Selection for Electronic Tax Invoices
    The customer will now be able to pre-select the invoices which will be included in the electronic tax invoices irrespective of standalone or aggregated invoice

  • Switzerland
    ‘Display Gross Amount' Indicator
    It is now possible for customers to view the turnover figures in the Swiss Periodic VAT Return xml file in either Gross or Net amounts, separately (Video).

  • Loclization Toolkit
    Enhancement In Document Number Formats for Other Countries

    New parameters such as Sales Document Type Customers allow customers to maintain more specific rules for a given company.  (Video).
    Tax Basic Countries Scope Extension
    Deeper localization of the countries Eritrea, Federated States of Micronesia, Grenada, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Comoros, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Lesotho, and Monaco can now be initiated for these countries from partner end.

  • Integration
    Document Compliance Configuration
    Customers can now activate and control the Document Compliance References for several types of source documents and can assign Document Compliance Process for each application (Video).

Solution Extensions

  • Phoenix: Timesheet Integration with External Systems and SAP Business ByDesign
    The Timesheet integration add-on solution allows you to integrate with third-party systems such as JIRA, ClickUp, Kronos and import employee times into the ERP system. (Blog).

  • SNAP Int: Romania Localization
    This solution complies with VAT declaration, tax reports in Romanian format and provides an interface to the specific invoice number sequential (Video).

  • Complete Information Systems: Configurator for SAP Business ByDesign
    CIS interfaces with SAP Business ByDesign to facilitate a seamless order creation process. Quotes can be created quickly, revised and managed in CIS Quote Builder until they are ready to become Sales Orders in SAP Business ByDesign (Video).

  • Partner innovation roadmap information is regularly update at this blog.