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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP Business ByDesign 20.02 is now ready!

SAP Business ByDesign 20.02 is now available and the SAP Business ByDesign What’s New blog gives you an overview about the most important new features of SAP Business ByDesign 20.02.
These are the so called Focus Topics (). For these Focus Topics, additional in-depth blogs and videos are available - just click the link next to the Focus Topic in the What’s New blog.

To get an overview about all new features of SAP Business ByDesign in 20.02, please go to the What's New document.

Financial Management

  • Tax details for lease contracts
    Accountant needs to define lease installments, service charges and initial cost with multiple tax codes in lease contracts. The different tax codes must be considered when creating automatic supplier invoices (Blog).

  • Non-deductible tax in lease contracts
    Accountant needs to assign tax codes which include non-deductible tax to lease installments and service charges. The non-deductible tax amount for lease installments is relevant for the present value calculation of the lease contract (Blog).

For detailed information about What’s New in the Financial Management area, please click here.

Project Management

  • Change of Delivery Date in Projects and Project Stock Order
    Project lead would like to change the delivery date in project stock orders and projects in order to take into account changing time lines. The changed delivery date will be reflected in the relevant customer demand (Blog).

Delivered Improvement Requests:

  • 231969: Allow change of (planned) delivery date for project stock orders

Project Management – KPIs

  • Effective Billing Rate
    Project managers will be able to see the achieved billing rate of all the company’s resource in average as well as the achieved billing rate/ time written off for each resources and project.

  • Projects with Critical Schedule and Projects with Critical Work Overrun
    Project managers will be able to get visibility into their project portfolio and easily identify projects where the forecasted work or the forecasted finish dates exceed the target that was set in the baseline.

  • Net Value Written-off Percentage
    Project managers are enabled to monitor what percentage of the work rendered of your project staff was not billable to customers.

  • Number of Supported Projects
    Project managers are enabled to identify the number of projects outside of your responsibility, to which your direct reports are staffed..

For detailed information about What’s New in the Project Management area, please click here.

Supply Chain

  • More Analytics Insights in SCM
    Analytical insights into supply chain management topics are essential to identify and control deviations from targets as early as possible and take appropriate measures. Or you can use it to just follow the actual situation (blog).

There are 3 new KPI’s/reports available and 2 data source:

    • On Time in Full Delivered by Order Item: Report & KPI

    • Production Orders and Quantities’: Report & KPI ‘Number of Production Orders’:

    • KPI ‘Number of Defects’

    • Updated: Data Source Material Supply and Demand List Aggregated View

    • New: Data Source Warehouse Request Items

Delivered Improvement Requests:

  • 130539: 3PL module - Lack of Reports (and Data Sources)

  • 226142: Supply planning: add inbound delivery notification to Material Supply and Demand List Aggregated Vie

For detailed information about What’s New in the Supply Chain Management area, please click here.


  • Maintain Absolute and Percentage based Overall Discounts in CRM documents (Beta Version, will be available to partners and customers on request)
    Sales Representative would like to maintain Fixed value and Percentage based overall discounts in CRM documents like sales, service and invoice documents (Blog).

  • Maintain and Determine Freight master data for Credit Memo documents
    Sales Representative would like have Freight maintained in original sales document like customer invoice to be carry forwarded to followup credit memo documents along with determination of Freight in Credit Memo documents (Blog).

Delivered Improvement Requests:

  • 208051: Switching between Overall Discount (fixed amount) and Overall Discount (%)

  • 118431: Pricing

  • 207446: Sales order header discount as value and %

For detailed information about What’s New in the Customer Relationship Management area, please click here.


  • Mobile Lead creation without account
    Managers and employees in marketing, sales, & service can see and create leads on the smartphone by scanning a business cards and without need to assign an account (Blog).

  • Monitor discounts on sales quotes
    Managers & employees are able to consume and adapt a standard KPI for discounts in sales quotes (Blog).

  • Monitor discounts on customer invoices
    Managers & employees are able to consume and adapt a standard KPI for discounts in customer invoices (Blog).

For detailed information about What’s New in the Mobile area, please click here.


  • Israel
    VAT grouping
    In Israel subsidiary companies come together and do the VAT reporting under the parent company. However they can still choose to do the Withholding tax reporting separately as individual companies.
    MASAV Payment File split based on Supplier/Vendor Group
    Introduce a new payment file split criteria based on the Supplier Group Code for Israel MASAV payment format. Payment orders for different Suppliers having different Group Code; multiple payment files will get created.
    Schedule of Fixed Assets
    This report is relevant for Israel and in addition to fixed asset accounting data, the following information must also be reported according to Israeli legal requirements:
    - Fiscal Year of Acquisition
    - Capitalization Date
    - Depreciation Start Date


  • India
    Invoice Reference Number for Invoices
    GST Council of India has introduced electronic invoicing, in which business-to-business (B2B) invoices are authenticated electronically by GST Network (GSTN) for further use on the common GST portal.
    Expense Reporting - Goods and Services Tax Enhancements
    ou can now enter the Goods and Services Tax relevant fields such as HSN/SAC Code, Tax Region, Tax Code, Tax Number, Invoice Number(External Reference Id) in the Expense Report screen. Additionally, you can modify the tax rate and tax rate type values.


  • Switzerland
    Electronic VAT Reporting
    In Switzerland, companies subject to VAT have the option of submitting their regular VAT returns electronically. You can now generate an XML file to upload the VAT statements as XML file in the portal ESTV SuisseTax.