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SAP Business ByDesign as an intelligent Cloud ERP solution for small and medium enterprises, is helping customers in their digital transformation. SAP ByD leverages emerging technologies such as AI/ML, IoT and Predictive Analytics to enable customers to focus on high-value outcomes and accelerate value creation by automating customers’ day-to-day business and deriving actionable insights out of customers’ raw data. This is achieved by the intelligence embedded in the applications of SAP ByD and by extension applications built on SAP Cloud Platform that make use of the business and technical services of SAP Intelligent Technologies and SAP Digital Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP) is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) product of SAP, which provides business and technical services, and tools for developing and deploying cloud-native applications. SAP CP can be used to build and deploy applications that extend or complement SAP Business ByDesign applications.  Such side-by-side extension applications on SAP CP can utilize different integration types to SAP Business ByDesign. These could be, among others, API-based integration, UI integration, authentication and principal propagation and business event integration.  In this blog post, we will mainly deal with process integration that involves APIs and authentication and principal propagation.

The API-based integration could involve any type of web services, however in this blog post we will use OData APIs. In SAP ByD, partners and customers can build OData APIs on top of standard business objects such as product master data or sales order, or on top of custom business objects, which in turn are built using the in-app extension capabilities of SAP ByD. To get detailed information on how to build OData APIs, refer to SAP Business ByDesign OData Service Modeler.

The main goal of this blog post series is to provide a step-by-step guide on building side-by-side extension applications for SAP Business ByDesign on the SAP CP Cloud Foundry environment by using the  SAP Cloud Application Programming Model.

“The Application Programming Model for SAP CP is a framework of tools, languages and libraries by SAP and OSS to efficiently and rapidly build enterprise services and applications in a full-stack development approach. It guides developers along a golden path of best practices, allowing them to focus on their domain while relieving them from tedious technical tasks.”

The blog post series is made up of the following blog posts:

  1. SAP Business ByDesign Side-by-Side Extensions on SAP Cloud Platform: System Set up

Follow the instructions in this blog post to set up a development and deployment environment for the SAP ByD side-by-side extension application.

  1. SAP Business ByDesign Side-by-Side Extensions on SAP Cloud Platform: Configuring Connectivity Betwee...

This blog post will guide you on how to set up a connectivity to your SAP ByD tenant that applies basic authentication to perform read or write operations on SAP ByD tenant out of SAP CP Cloud Foundry environment.

  1. SAP Business ByDesign Side-by-Side Extensions on SAP Cloud Platform: Configuring Connectivity Betwee...

Follow the instructions of this blog post to set up a connectivity to your SAP ByD tenant that secures  the read and write operations to the SAP ByD tenant using OAuth 2.0.

  1. SAP Business ByDesign Side-by-Side Extensions on SAP Cloud Platform: Developing Extension Applicatio...

This blog post will walk you through the important steps required to develop a fully functional SAP ByD extension application in SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment. This simple SAP ByD extension application will consist of persistence layer, service layer and UI layer. Moreover, it will utilize SAP ByD OData APIs to read data from SP ByD tenant.

  1. SAP Business ByDesign Side-by-Side Extensions on SAP Cloud Platform: Consumption of SAP Business ByD...

This blog post will provide a step-by-step guide on how to consume SAP Business ByDesign SOAP APIs in a side-by-side extension application. This will be achieved by employing a simple extension application that reads product availability data from an SAP Business ByDesign tenant. The extension application will use a custom product master data OData API and the standard SOAP API Determine Availability of Products (ProductAvailabilityDeterminationIn) to determine product availability. The extension application will then present the product availability determination result in a Fiori UI of type list report.