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Customers would like to access and extract Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s) data using OData service to extract data from SAP Business ByDesign. It will help customers to perform analytics in external tools like SAP Analytics Cloud or any 3rd party tools like Excel.

the Blog and Video Demo covers the following aspects:

  • Customer Scenario using KPI OData service

  • Demo

List of OData services for KPI's

  • OData service to get the List of KPI’s

  • OData service to execute and read KPI’s response

Benefits for Customers

  • Customers can extract list of KPI’s in the system

  • Customer can read and extract the KPI’s values

  • Enable analytics outside ByD , example analytics in SAC and any 3rd party tools like excel.


The OData service for KPI's is always active and available at https://<system-url>/sap/byd/odata/analytics/kpi/Kpi.svc

The service is available to business users and allows you to view the KPIs and data that are also available using the regular Web UI.

Note: make sure you use the same business user to access the OData service, who has access to the relevant KPI's in the UI.

The service contains two entity types:

  • Kpi

    Used to search and filter in the list of available KPIs without the actual values.

  • KpiValue

    Contains the KPI's actual values and is used to call one subset of KPIs at a time - either by direct entity access or by applying filters on the ID.

Note: A maximum of five KPIs can be retrieved with a single request. Additional restrictions are specified in the metadata document at https://<system-url>/sap/byd/odata/analytics/kpi/Kpi.svc/$metadata using SAP Annotations for OData Version 2.0.

Besides the numeric values, KpiValue contains a set of status codes, such as ValueStatus. Potential values are also listed in the metadata document.


Sample end points for KPI's OData access:

  • Metadata of KPI OData service

    • https://<;system-url>/sap/byd/odata/analytics/kpi/Kpi.svc 

  • List of KPI's

    •  https://<;system-url>/sap/byd/odata/analytics/kpi/Kpi.svc/Kpi

  • Access Specific KPI

    • https://<;system-url>/sap/byd/odata/analytics/kpi/Kpi.svc/Kpi('<KPI_ID>')/Value

    • Note: user have to replace the KPI_ID with specific KPI , which he got it from previous OData call (which returns the list of KPI's)

    • Note 2: replace the system-url with customer system url, example my123456.sapbydesign.com