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Thank you for participating in our survey SAP Business ByDesign support resources that ran from July to September last year. Many of you took the time to share your thoughts on the SAP Business ByDesign help, which we greatly appreciate. We’ve learned a lot and got valuable insights which we can use to improve our help offering. While we are trying to implement as much of the feedback as possible, we also want to ensure that you get answers to your most pressing questions.

Hence, without further ado, here’s your top of the pops:

Transaction Codes

We frequently read that information about t-codes is missing – especially with regards to reports. Well, to solve that mystery: there are no transaction codes in SAP Business ByDesign. To run a specific report, let’s say Accounts Payable – Trial Balance, go to the respective work center – in our example this would be General Ledger – and open the Reports List view. The report names are displayed as links. By clicking View With, you can open a report either in a Web browser or in Microsoft Excel®.

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SAP Help Portal Search

Another topic that was addressed numerous times relates to the SAP Help Portal Search not delivering the expected results, which we regret to hear. Did you know that you can mark a product as favorite to limit the search results to the specific product so that you don’t end up with information concerning a product you are not interested in?

Mark Product as Favorite

Also, we often heard that the search parameter This document seems pointless as you can just as easily also use CTRL+F to search the page. We understand the confusion, but the good news is that This document searches across all content within the displayed structure, not only on the page you are currently looking at. For example, you have looked at information on how to get started with the SAP Business ByDesign Library. Now you’re interested in finding out about Sales Orders, so simply type the term into the search bar and hit Enter (1). The entire Library is searched (2) and the list of search results containing the term “sales order” is displayed on the right (3).

Search Parameter This document

What’s New

The survey results also suggest that some users are unaware of where to find information about new features. Approximately two weeks prior to the new release, we publish the What’s New Preview (1) which contains a preliminary overview of the new features that are likely to be available with the new release. Once the new release is live, a What’s New video (2) highlighting some key features, the official What’s New documentation (3), as well as a What’s New blog post (4) are available. You can find all the resources on the right side of the SAP Business ByDesign Product Page on the SAP Help Portal and directly within the SAP Business ByDesign Help Center.

Information About New Features

Help Resources

The last major item was about the sheer number of different help resources which makes it challenging to find the right help content in a timely manner. While we do hear you, we find it challenging ourselves to provide a general “one fits all” recommendation on which help resource to use, as this depends on your individual role and needs. For a better overview, following is a summary of the main resources:

  • SAP Business ByDesign Help Center
    Embedded into your SAP Business ByDesign solution offering context-sensitive help

  • SAP Business ByDesign Product Page on SAP Help Portal
    Central access point for the help and learning material

  • SAP Support Portal
    One-stop solution for product support, including KBAs

You can find the complete list here: SAP Business ByDesign Help Resources.

You may also find the blog SAP Business ByDesign – End-to-End Learning Journey helpful.

While our team is constantly looking for new means and ways to provide the help that YOU need, we hope that we tackled at least some of your questions to make work a little easier for you.

Happy to help you,

SAP Business ByDesign User Assistance