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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In this quarter we provide again a new version of the SAP Best Practices for SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain with a lot of enhancements and improvements.

Here the highlights of the 2011 release:

Enhancements and changes for Sample Model SAPIBP1

To simplify the planning area, we unassigned some inventory-related attributes from planning area and planning levels that are not needed for reporting purposes (i.e. in Planning Views or Analytics). For these attributes it is sufficient to have them assigned to the Master Data Type only.

When running statistical forecasting at an aggregated level (e.g. PROD-CUST), then the output values were so far disaggregated equally to the base planning level PROD-LOC-CUST. To improve the disaggregation a new key figure DISAGGFACTOR was created which is used as proportional factor for disaggregating the forecast. To calculate this proportional factor a new forecast model “Calculate Disaggregation Factor” is shipped as part of SAPIBP1. With that the statistical forecast is disaggregated leveraging historical sales data instead of doing simple equal distribution.

This is only a short glimpse of all the changes done in SAPIBP1. If you want to learn more about all enhancements and the reasons behind it, please check out the following document or the "What's new" section in SAP Help for IBP.

Enhancements for sample model SAP7

When you copy a planning area or sample planning area, the order-based planning settings are now also copied automatically. This saves you time as you no longer have to maintain these settings from scratch in the Settings for Order-Based Planning app. All you need to do is adjust any of the copied settings as needed.

Settings for Order-Based planning app


Upload of realignment projects in IBP for sales and operations – demand review 

With the upload of realignment projects you simplify the lengthly task of creating realignment projects with a large number of steps. SAP Best Practices for SAP IBP deliver a prepared sample file which you can use in the Manage Realignment rules app, but you can also use your own project specific file. After successful upload, you can check the uploaded realignment steps.

Fair-share in IBP for response and supply – deployment planning – optimizer

Deployment planning with optimizer is a pretty new topic, we introduced it in the 2008 release of the Best Practices. We added fair-share functionality to distribute inventory surpluses fairly among locations to the Planning Run Profile. You can find the settings under Inventory costs.

The optimizer planning results are not always easy to understand, so we simplified our sample supply chain network and added quite some detailed explanations to the test script. This allows you to retrace the results to get a better understanding of the way how it works.
Sample supply chain network / inventory information


How to get sample data for order-based planning processes when no S/4 system is available?

You want to set up order-based planning processes for a proof of concept or demo, but don't want to set up the integration with S/4 or ERP? We provide a detailed guide and a set of sample data to enable you to import sample data into an IBP system for order-based planning processes when no S/4 or ERP system is connected.

The Tips and Tricks document is titled Setup Instructions for File Adapter in OBP and describes how to setup the file adapter for SAP IBP Order-based Planning processes. You can download the sample data from the SAP Best Practices Explorer and can so quickly set up order-based planning processes with consistent data.

Excel planning views

All preconfigured Excel planning views delivered with SAP Best Practices have been recreated based on the 2011 version of the SAP Integrated Business Planning, add-in for Microsoft Excel. They now support the offline mode and include an example of the group/ungroup functionality.

Excel planning view with group/ungroup functionality


The news for SAP Best Practices for SAP Integrated Business Planning 2011 are also captured in this video.

Check out this video to learn what SAP Best Practices for SAP Integrated Business Planning can do for you.

To view and download more information for free, please go to  SAP Best Practices Explorer