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Accelerate Your Project by Using a Global Template Offering Preconfigured End-to-End Business Processes, now also available for all new releases - SAP Best Practices at your fingertips

In a Nutshell

The Enterprise Management Layer is ideal for new and existing customers operating in multiple countriesand looking for a global template offering standardized, preconfigured end-to-end business processes to start their SAP S/4HANA journey. Here you can leverage SAP BestPractices pre-configured, pre-activated - without a big project.

Combined with SAP Activate, the Enterprise Management Layer will accelerate each customer’s implementation project, either used as a reference system or sandbox during the Explore phase, or as a global template to build on, for net new customers as well as customers transitioning from ECC to SAP S/4HANA who choose a greenfield, ‘back to standard’ approach.

Many clients that are leveraging our concierge service with RISE with SAP will benefit from this Best Practices pre-activated, as the Enterprise Management Layer is based on SAP Best Practices and offers preconfigured end-to-end business processes across all application areas, including sample master data and print forms as well as detailed documentation for users. Its main value, however, is centered on requirements specific to multinational corporations:

  • Parallel accounting requirements according to group GAAP as well as local legal and tax requirements

  • Localized, preconfigured business content and documentation for up to 46 countries

  • Intercompany processes and group reporting (consolidation)

While it is as default included for SAP S/4HANA Cloud automatically, the Enterprise Management Layer is available as a service for the following deployment types: SAP S/4HANA, private cloud edition (e.g. in context of “Rise with SAP”) and On-premise deployment (including Hyperscalers)

 So Rise with us to leverage the most modern SAP Best Practices.

How to find out more:

How is the enterprise management deployed?

We build the customer system according to the customer’s specifications in a staging area within SAP and provide a copy of the system, – in technical terms, a database backup, – which is then restored in the customer landscape, on premise or hosted. In other words, we provide an appliance.

Can the content be adapted to each customer’s needs?

The Enterprise Management Layer is a global template which can be tailored to each customer’s requirements in 2 simple stages:

  1. Initial build: Each customer specifies the initial scope and certain parameters for the build of their system such as the countries in scope, but also the customer’s group currency and fiscal year variant. For each country, around 160 standard scope items will be available. In addition, scope optionswhich might require additional software licenses can be selected for functionality.

  2. Customer project: Fit-to-Standard workshops (see blog about SAP Activate) are recommended to maximize re-use of SAP delivered ready-to-run business processes while carefully assessing where a customer’s business requires to tailor or extend the solution.

What’s new?

  • The scope: 43 countries based on SAP Best Practices (Slovakia being new), new scope items included in the standard scope plus a longer list of scope options, such as contract and lease accounting, group reporting, collections and dispute management, or actual costing.

  • The design in Finance: To the group and local accounting principle, we added a third, tax accounting principle and now offer 5 ledgers (plus 2 extension ledgers): group/leading ledger + 2 local ledgers + 2 tax ledgers (* the second ledger of each pair with local fiscal year variants for India and Japan, for example).

  • Localization content: We have tested, enhanced, and documented localization content to fully reflect the latest local requirements, for example for Great Britain’s BREXIT.

Want to learn more?

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And... Your voice matters!

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