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"...our management team is fully committed to our Cloud Transformation journey. We believe external quality, but more strongly internal quality.  … together, we can create the most successful cloud cultureLet’s Cloud!

Teams that develop for the cloud face many challenges: In a cloud environment, development is responsible for running the customers’ services. As a service provider, the development organization is responsible for ensuring secure service provisioning. The efforts for operating and upgrading the cloud systems are with development, not with customers. Moreover, features are delivered more often than in on-premise scenarios. At the same time, development needs to react quickly to customer issues while not endangering the live site.

Considering all this, S/4HANA Cloud can be run efficiently and successfully by

  • Keeping it simple across all apps

  • Providing a consistent user experience and the same unified functions

  • Enabling customers to integrate their own functions and solutions

  • Avoiding manual by automating wherever and whatever is possible

  • Reusing components and tools wherever possible to enable units to focus on the development of business processes instead of on generic features

Stay tuned - and let's cloud!