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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
As I was looking at the blogs in the SAP Active community, I found that the majority of the blogs on page 1 are specific to SAP S/4HANA.  While expected since SAP S/4HANA is our flagship product, it is crucial to emphasize that SAP Activate is equally important for implementing all SAP solutions. In this blog, I will highlight the reasons why you should use SAP Activate to implement all your solutions.

Let’s begin by reviewing the SAP Activate methodology:

The SAP Activate graphic shows a simplified process that can used across several products. If this is still too complex, I will reduce it down to following:

  1. Start with standard processes and scenarios.

  2. Tailor the standard processes to improve the business fit.

  3. Migrate data and verify that the business requirements have been satisfied.

  4. Conduct user onboarding.

  5. Cutover and begin productive use of the system.

For more detailed information on SAP Activate, see the blog post SAP Activate in under 9 minutes.

The SAP Activate methodology can be used in parallel with all the software products being implemented, including non-SAP products. The benefits achieved are as follows:

Maximize efficiency and quality – SAP Activate has a proven track record for being fast and effective in implementing software.

Consistency of project management – No confusion necessary. The management team needs only one methodology.

Consistency of execution – The customer team members are only required to learn one methodology. Cross product team members will be using the same process for all products.

Alignment of milestones – The projects are planned together and aligned so that the common milestones are achieved at the right time.

Uniformity of communication – Project progress is reported in the same way across all product workstreams. Stakeholders can easily understand the common reporting language.

One common Agile sprint cycle – Parallel sprints to a common drumbeat and an aligned outcome.


The following roadmaps provide product specific guidance beyond SAP S/4HANA:

One general roadmap provides guidance that can be applied to any solution.

In summary, SAP Activate provides a structured approach that brings numerous benefits to all your implementations, regardless of whether you are implementing SAP S/4HANA, another SAP product, or a third-party application. By leveraging the power of SAP Activate, you are on a path to a successful implementation and a smoother project experience.

Thanks for reading!

Dan Ciecko / SAP Activate Team


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