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SAP Activate receives feedback from our vast community of partners, customers, and project teams alike. We value the feedback we receive and incorporate it into our SAP Activate solution implementation roadmaps and backlogs to improve the project implementation experience for our teams.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with some of our customers and community members one on one to find out their thoughts on our SAP Activate methodology and how their projects experience using SAP Activate has been. This feedback is used in our decision making with SAP Activate and helps us understand the point-of-view for your project implementation to drive continuous updates and to help shape the future of SAP Activate.

Customers and partners routinely give us the following feedback:

Accelerators - accelerators increase project momentum with the assets during all phases and key deliverables of the project implementation. We often hear how much project teams appreciate the quantity of accelerators we provide to them for their implementations and the value it provides to streamline and accelerate milestones. We cover all workstreams across our solution implementation roadmaps in the Roadmap Viewer (including both cloud and on-premise) for all key phases of the project and quality gates.

Phases - the phases in SAP Activate include: Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy, and Run. Key milestones which are comprised of outlined deliverables and tasks, are laid out nicely in an easy to follow format to achieve Q-gates successfully in our phase to phase approach. The prescriptive guidance in the phases allows for smooth project acceleration with minimal disruption if the process is followed and preparation is done in advance.

Quality Gates - in each of our implementation roadmaps we have guidance to sign off on each phase of the project. We often receive feedback on our Quality Gates and how it keeps project teams aligned prior to moving to the next phase of the project. These Quality Gates ensure the key deliverables during a phase are completed and reviewed to ensure quality assurance and minimal risk.

Remote fit-to-standard - this has been critical in projects, especially in the most recent of times given our remote world at the moment. Recently, we added remote fit-to-standard to SAP Activate and we tend to hear the feedback that remote fit-to-standard has been a game changer and that it is something that is going to be continued in project implementations for the foreseeable future (even when our world comes back to our desks after the pandemic).

How to Approach Remote Fit-to-Standard Workshops - Cloud Playbook Accelerator


Fit-to-standard vs. fit-gap - this has been a topic which is brought up very often by our customers. What is the difference between fit-to-standard and fit-gap? Where did fit-gap go? To answer this, fit-to-standard is now the "standard." As our project implementation world  is moving to simplify and maintaining its agile approach, the fit-gap method became too cumbersome and often added additional scope which strayed away from the "standard" that projects are implementing today. See Lauren's blog on an in-depth breakdown on the fit-to-standard topic.

SAP Activate Community - we have a large community which is made up of 40k members. This community has received many questions from users like you to ask our experts your project implementation questions as it relates to SAP Activate. In addition, we share the latest news, updates, and key content for your journey (including blogs and presentations). To become a member of our free community, register here (http://bit.ly/SAPActivate). If you have already registered and are a member of the community, click here.

SAP Activate Jam Community

Trainings & Learnings - customers and project teams have taken our SAP Activate courses and have mentioned they were able to apply the foundations and principles of SAP Activate into their projects. The learning journey we provide gives you a comprehensive dive into solutions, approaches, and project milestones. The courses cover key principles, deliverables, and project implementation skills to enhance and keep your project on track with our proven methodology. We have a list of courses which you can take below:

  • ACT100 (or ACT10e) – Introduction to SAP Activate Methodology

  • ACT200 – Agile Project Delivery

  • ACT1CL – SAP Activate Methodology: Introduction

  • ACT2CL – SAP Activate Methodology - Cloud Implementation

  • ACT5CL – Introduction to SAP Activate Methodology for Cloud

  • ACT6CL – SAP Activate for SAP Intelligent Spend Management

  • E2E600 – SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Certification - those who have taken our core courses (ACT100 or ACT10e and ACT200 to name a few, as shown above) and have gone on to take the SAP Activate certification exam have given us the feedback that what they have learned during their studies has come to play in real life project scenarios and helped drive decision making.

  • C_ACTIVATE13 – SAP Certified Associate -
    SAP Activate Project Manager

  • E_S4CEX_2021 – SAP Certified Application
    Specialist - SAP S/4HANA Cloud, extended
    edition implementation with SAP Activate

  • C_TS4C_2021 – SAP Certified Application
    Associate - SAP S/4HANA Cloud, essentials
    edition implementation with SAP Activate

Evolving - SAP Activate is always evolving to exceed industry standards with any project implementation. We constantly update our content in our routine sprints to give you the best version of SAP Activate for the solution you are implementing. We also take feedback in from our users to ensure we have the most up-to-date content. Feel free to provide us feedback by reaching out to us directly, we would love to hear from you: sapactivatemethodology@sap.com.

Providing feedback to influence SAP Activate - our SAP Activate team has many designated platforms for project teams to provide their feedback on our implementation roadmaps. We most recently, have a feedback form on the Roadmap Viewer which you can directly provide feedback on the content in each of the implementation roadmaps we offer. Our teams review this feedback weekly and add items to our backlog to make improvements as necessary per your feedback. In addition, you can leave feedback per our free SAP Activate Community (register here), and per our mailbox (as mentioned above).

Providing feedback via Roadmap Viewer

Trialing the solution - we often get asked if there are free trial options available for teams to use prior to purchasing the solution. The answer is yes! You can find the SAP S/4HANA trials for both on-premise and cloud here: https://www.sap.com/cmp/oth/crm-s4hana/index.html

Can SAP Activate be used if....? - If the solution we are implementing isn't in the Roadmap Viewer, can SAP Activate still be used? The answer to this is also yes! Depending on your project implementation, you can use the "general" implementation roadmaps we offer (located here).

General implementation roadmaps in Roadmap Viewer

Data Migration - with the Data Migration topic, there is so much which can be prepped and completed before the project starts to analyze customer data quality for ERP deployment - global vs. regional/local data standards for customers, products, parts, etc. This will propel the project in a great start if this work is done prior. If you can speed up the project implementation by putting some of the ground work first, it will be a turning point later on in the project.

Preparation is Key - putting the work upfront is crucial to ensure you are not missing key factors for your project such as self-enablement, ensuring data and processes are identified, fit-to-standard workshops yield successful conversations for scope item and business processes to be identified, having a change management team in place for arising situations. This will avoid any avoidable tasks which could have been completed previously and save the project team, budget, and timelines additional cost and rework if established earlier with a foundation to get the project started.

Change Management Planning and Execution - it is probable that change will occur sometime during the project as there are unforeseen events and scope. However, having a solid change management process in place will helping the project teams prepare for the change, accept it and adjust their working to the new reality especially when we talk about fast deployments of 6 months or less. If a change management process is not in place, it can severely deter the project timeline and established go-live. As mentioned, if there is planning and preparation established and followed early on in the project, it will limit the amount of hiccups and save you more time, budget, and possible frustration.


To summarize the above feedback we continually receive, these are just some of topics which have received buzz around our community and during one on one sessions with project teams. Drop us a comment below, join our community, or send us a direct email to let us know your thoughts on SAP Activate.


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