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Customer in the Over The Counter sales (OTC) scenario would need a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) / UPC (Universal Product Code) - bar code for the Kit Header Product as it needs to be charged for the overall kit and scan that UPC rather than the individual products.

the Blog and Video Demo covers the following aspects:

  • Maintain GTIN in Kit Header Master Data

  • Create Over The Counter sales (OTC) document using kit header GTIN via UI

  • Create OTC document using kit header GTIN via SOAP service API


As part of 2102 SAP Busniess ByDesign delivering following features and functionality is enabled:

  1. Enable maintainace of GTIN in a Sales Kit Header master data.

  2. Enable creation of OTC document with GTIN of a Sales Kit Header.

    • Customer Creates OTC via UI

    • Customers send OTC to ByD via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and in such cases only GTIN for a Sales Kit is sent in the A2X (SAOP) ManageOvertheCounterSaleRequestIn service.

Benefits for Customers

  1. Support of GTIN for sales kit header products

  2. Creation of OTC with GTIN

Note: This capability has been requested by the Influence request which achieved 19 votes from partners and customers.


Details of Maintainace of GTIN in a Sales Kit Header master data:

User could navigate to Product data maintaince UI and maintain the GTIN for kit header product.

  • Navigate to Product Data work center -> Materials work center view

  • Search for the Kit Header Product

  • Click on Edit button

  • Click on View All button

  • New sub tab UOM Characteristics is introduced under General tab

  • Enter the value of GTIN in the new gtin input field as shown below

  • Save the Kit Header Product.

Note: GTIN has to be unique across system and its the unique identifier for the product in the system.



Details of Creation of OTC document with GTIN for Sales Kit Header via OTC UI:

User could navigate to Over-the-Counter Sales creation UI and create new OTC document using GTIN of the kit header product.

  • Navigate to Over-the-Counter Sales work center -> Over-the-Counter Sales work center view

  • Click on New -> Over-the-Counter Sales button

  • Enter the valid header information like Account ID, Invoicing Unit, Sales Unit and Currency

  • Click on Add Row button in Items table

  • Enter the value of GTIN of the kit header product in the Product ID input field

  • on entering GTIN, the relevant Kit Header Product should appear and on selecting the entry the KIT product should explode with Kit Item products , as shown below

Note: with release 2102 , in OTC user could enter GTIN of the Kit Header Product in the Product ID input field .



Details of Creation of OTC document with GTIN for Sales Kit Header via OTC SOAP API:

User could create new Over-the-Counter Sales document using GTIN of the kit header product by calling OTC SOAP API

  • Service Name : ManageOvertheCounterSaleRequestIn

  • Operation Name : Maintain Bundle

  • Note: in the request payload user could pass GTIN in the field Product InternalID

  • valid WSDL can be downloaded from Navigate to Application and User Management work center -> Service Explorer work center view

Note: To test the service ManageOvertheCounterSaleRequestIn user must create Communication System, Communication Scenario and Communication Arrangement as a pre-requisite follow the steps to

Configuration and Authorization of webservice in SAP Business ByDesign:

Web service APIs are configured using communication arrangements:

  1. Work center view Application and User Management – Communication Systems: Create a communication system representing the remote system. Each communication system generates a technical communication user for authentication.

  2. Work center view Application and User Management – Communication Scenarios: Create a communication scenario and add relevant web service APIs. The communication scenario generates an authorization role that is assigned to the communication user in the next step.

  3. Work center view Application and User Management – Communication Arrangements: Create a communication arrangement using the communication scenario and communication system and enter the credentials of the communication user.
    As result the communication user is authorized to access all web service operations listed in the communication arrangement. The communication arrangement contains all information needed to consume the services incl. access URLs, WSDL downloads and service documentations.

  4. In the communication arrangement you can download the WSDL, display the web service documentation and change the service credentials.


  • User type: Technical user (communication user)

  • Authentication protocols:

    • Basic authentication (user/password)

    • Certificates (You can upload a public key certificate that has been provided by the communication partner or create and download a PKCS#12 key pair file from ByD).


GTIN is passed in the field Product InternalID in the SOAP service request


Sample Request Payload (with GTIN of Kit Header Product sent in the field Product InternalID)

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:glob="http://sap.com/xi/SAPGlobal20/Global" xmlns:zzz="http://sap.com/xi/AP/CustomerExtension/BYD/ZZZZZ">
<OverTheCounterSaleRequest actionCode="04" itemListCompleteTransmissionIndicator="true">
<Quantity unitCode="EA">2.0</Quantity>