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Customer in the SAP Business ByDesign would like to maintain additional unit of measure characteristics for sales kit header products. In the system customers would like to maintain physical characteristics like weight, volume, length, width and height for business purpose.

Business Use-Case: Companies would like to charge customers with freight based on the weight of the kit product being sold. customers would like to sell there kit products with scale based weight freights determined from master data during creation of CRM documents.

the Blog and Video Demo covers the following aspects:

  • Maintain additional unit of measure (physical characteristics) in Kit Header master

  • Enable scale and weight based Freight master data maintenance in Product and Service portfolio work center

  • Enable automatic determination of Freight from master data in CRM documents like sales order, invoice and other CRM documents



As part of 2202 SAP Business ByDesign following features and functionality is enabled:

  • Enable additional unit of measure (physical characteristics) in Kit Header master

    • Enable addition unit of measure data for sales kit header products in product data master UI

      • Customer can maintain weight (net and gross)

      • Customer can maintain volume (net and gross)

      • Customer can maintain length, width and height along with GTIN data in kit header product master data

    • Enable addition unit of measure data for sales kit header products via product mass change UI

    • Enable addition unit of measure data for sales kit header products via webservices and migration templates

  • Enable scale and weight based freight master data maintenance in Product and Service portfolio work center.

  • Enable determination of freight from master data in CRM documents like sales order, invoice ...

  • Note : the pre-requisite are 

    • to scope freight to be weight / volume based in business configuration activity 'configure price strategy'

    • Maintain additional unit of measure (physical characteristics) for kit header in product master data.

Benefits to  Customers

  1. Supports maintainace of physical characteristics for kit header products master data

  2. Supports determination of weight / volume based freight calculation in CRM documents.

Note: This capability has been requested by the Influence request which achieved 19 votes from partners and customers.

Details of Maintainace of additional unit of measure in a Sales Kit Header master data:

Add UoM Characteristics and GTIN to a Material

  1. Choose the Materials subview in the Materials view of the Product Data work center.

  2. Select the kit header product and click Edit to open the product quick activity.

  3. On the General tab, a new sub tab "UoM Characterstics" is added in release 2202,

  4. For the base unit of measure enter the Physical Characteristics like Net WeightGross WeightNet Volume, and Gross Volume, Length, Width, Height for the base unit of measure. For example, if the base unit of measure is box, define the characteristics of one box.

  5. Optional: along with additional characteristics user can define GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) for the base unit of measure

    1. Click View All.

    2. At the top of the General tab, click UoM Characteristics.

      The first row of the table displays the physical characteristics you already entered for the base unit of measure.

    3. Enter the LengthWidthHeight, and GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) for the base unit of measure.


Add Freight master data

The freight amount in CRM documents is determined automatically or entered manually. Depending on the settings in Business Configuration it is possible to determine a fixed freight amount or to make the freight dependent on the net weight / gross weight / volume / value of the goods sold.

  1. Choose the Freights subview in the Product and Service Portfolio work center.

  2. Maintain Scale based Freight master data

  3. Save and Release the Freight master data record


Determine Scales based Freight in CRM documents

Scale based Freight is determined in CRM documents , example : during creation of order document enter the kit header product for which the additional unit of measure like weight is maintained along with scale based freight is maintained in freight master data.

  1. Choose the sales order subview in the Sales Order work center.

  2. create new sales order

  3. enter the sales kit header product for which freight master data is maintained

  4. navigate to pricing and invoicing view of sales order in the detailed view

  5. the freight is being picked from master data in sales order document.

  6. navigate to pricing and invoicing view of sales order in the detailed view