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Product and Topic Expert
Modern business software like SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, will redefine the enterprise management style by exploiting modern technologies such as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data processing, and automation, while at the same time applying them to new, digital business practices.

Order capture and order fulfillment are the core responsibilities of an internal sales representative. In today’s world, where increasing order volumes and, at the same time, tight control of sales operations costs are key contributions to a company’s margins, efficiency and effectiveness are the ingredients of a modern order and contract management process.

With the seamless integration of analytics features in S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, internal sales representatives, and managers, can benefit from a variety of analysis options in an environment with the simplified data model, new user experience, advanced processing, and deployment options suitable to their business needs and while helping to cover these new business challenges.

In this blog post series, you find the following selected analytical SAP Fiori apps for Sales with analytic introduction videos with a useful guide.

In this blog post, you find an introduction concerning My Sales Overview and Sales Management Overview apps, which are intended for internal sales representatives and sales managers respectively, for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition 2302.1 release.


Analytics for Sales for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition

If you need an overview of the embedded analytics in the sales process for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition, coming with predefined analytical apps based on SAP Fiori and on SAP Analytics Cloud for business users, see the overview picture below. This embedded analytics comes with a lot of predefined business content in the form of KPIs, reports, queries, predictive scenarios, and planning scenarios.

Picture 1: Analytics content overview for Sales.

Please find out more about analytics for Sales for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition in this presentation.


My Sales Overview and Sales Management Overview


Sales monitoring and analytics provide monitoring and analytical features across all core sales business processes, from quotations and contracts to sales orders, including their fulfillment, up to invoices. It provides you with valuable insights and enables you to carry out further action, with seamless integration into transactional processes and sales documents.

Video: This video shows how to use the My Sales Overview and Sales Management Overview apps.


Key features: My Sales Overview

With this app, you can display and create sales data using actionable cards that are grouped together in a dashboard format.

  • Cards included in the My Sales Overview app provide information on sales data, including open sales quotations and sales orders, blocked credit memo requests, and customer returns.

  • Cards are displayed in the My Sales Overview app based on the roles assigned to your user.

  • You can select which cards to display under Manage Cards in your user settings.

  • You can filter the data displayed in the cards in one of the following ways:

    • In your user settings of the Fiori launchpad, specify default values for a sold-to party, sales organization, distribution channel, and division.

    • Specify filter values in the filter bar of the My Sales Overview app.

My Sales Overview Cards

Card Description
Open Sales Orders Displays a list of sales orders that are still open and require processing, starting with the most recently changed or created sales orders.
Customer Returns Displays a list of customer returns, starting with the most recently changed or created customer returns
Blocked Credit Memo Requests Displays a list of credit memo requests that are blocked for checking, starting with the most recently changed or created requests
Open Sales Quotations Displays a list of sales quotations that are incomplete, starting with the most recently changed or created quotations
Quick Actions

Provides shortcuts for creating sales documents, including:

·       Sales orders

·       Sales quotations

·       Sales scheduling agreements

·       Credit memo requests

·       Customer returns
Incoming Sales Orders Displays a monthly comparison of incoming sales orders between the Current Period and the Previous Period, that is, the same period one year ago.
Sales Quotation Pipeline Displays sales quotations grouped by their expiry timelines
Sales Order Fulfillment - Monitor Issues Provides an overview of sales order fulfillment issues

For more information, see SAP Product Assistance here.


Thanks for reading this blog post and stay tuned for my next blog post concerning Sales Plan and Sales Performance analytical app!

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