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With S/4HANA Cloud release 2105, it is possible to copy attachments that are added to the preliminary billing document to the follow up billing documents. In order to enable the copying of attachments, it is essential to make sure ‘Activate Copying of Output Items from Prelim. Billing Docs to Billing Docs configuration step’ is enabled. Configuration experts can view this step in Configure Your Solution -> Output Control for billing documents.

Please find below steps to copy attachments from Preliminary Billing Document to subsequent billing documents once created,

Step 1: In Create Preliminary Billing Documents app, choose a document and click on Create Preliminary Billing Document button. In Preliminary Billing settings, kindly make sure ‘Display preliminary billing documents after creation’ is turned on and the rest of the toggle buttons are off.

Step 2: Once the Preliminary Billing Document is created. Navigate to Display Preliminary Billing Document app by clicking on the arrow button for that document in Manage Preliminary Billing Document app.

Step 3: Click on Services for Object -> Create Attachment. Upload any PDF document which you wish to attach to the output items of Preliminary Billing Document. Then Click on Change button.

Step 4: Click on Display Output Request button.

Step 5: Double click on the Attachment cell. In the pop up that appears, make sure to select Attach and Merge. Click on Continue.

Step 6: Go back and save the document. Navigate back to Manage Preliminary Billing Document app. In Billing settings, kindly make sure ‘Display billing documents after creation’ is turned on and the rest of the toggle buttons are off. Choose the preliminary billing document and click on ‘Create Billing Document’ button.

Step 7: The billing document is created. Navigate to Output Items tab, you will find the copied attachments added to the document. Preview the billing document in PDF format too if you wish to check if the attached document is merged with the billing document.

Hope this blog would enable you to utilize this feature effectively!