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Most of the S/4HANA Cloud implementations need print forms’ customization according to customer’s requirements and almost in all cases, master forms are customized at least with logo and footer texts. For extensive master form changes, there is already a blog published which explains the steps in detail. Here is the link for the same:

Customize Master Forms

However, if customer is happy with placement of logo, footer texts and sender address, but only need to change the value at these places, we have a much simpler approach where we won’t need to open Adobe Life Cycle designer at all. In this blog, we will go through the steps of this approach:

We usually have a standard master form configured against our form out of the box based on country. Just for demo purpose, I have modified the master form configuration to have master form SOMU_FORM_MASTER_A4 triggered for each form output. Based on this configuration, for each form output, our configured master form will be triggered.

Let’s trigger a billing document output and see how it looks:

Above is header snapshot – No logo is displayed.
Footer - No footer texts displayed.
Now, let’s upload our logo and texts to system:
Upload logo: Go to App ‘Manage logos’ under ‘Output Management’ group

Click on ‘Add’ button and upload a new logo with some identifiable name:

Your logo should be added with name in this App.

Now, to add texts, open App ‘Manage Texts’

You may create ‘Sender Address’ text and ‘Footer’ text here. There is an option to add different texts according to language as well. There is a place to put maximum 3-footer texts in standard delivered form. Based on requirement, custom master form may have more footer text placements.

We created sender address and footer texts as below:

We need to configure these footer texts and sender address for master form. Go to App ‘Manage Your Solution and make settings at below screen:

Choose our entry with standard master form and click on details:

We have made the above settings on this screen.

Now, let’s trigger the same form again.

Header now has SAP logo and sender address displayed. If sender address gets truncated, we may fix the same using ALD.

Footer texts are displayed which were blank initially.

There is also a possibility to create custom master form and put different placeholders which can be controlled through configuration.

In conclusion, even if one doesn’t have knowledge about working in ALD, it’s possible to modify the forms’ output without involving an ALD expert. This option gives a lot of flexibility to customers to control form outputs.