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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Updated Nov 2021 !

This blog is for the detailed steps for Process Discovery (evolution of Business Scenario Recommendations on spotlight) for step t2 of conversion to S/4HANA. BSR provides you with tailor-made insights to build your case for SAP S/4HANA.This KBA is to provide you information on how to generate the report, and how to resolve issues that you may face during the process. It will help business decision makers in your company understand the value of moving the current SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA.

Process Discovery is only for ERP systems and not meant for S/4HANA systems. And if you have already converted your system to S/4HANA OnPrem you can run the the SAP innovation and Optimization Pathfinder on Spotlight, which provides same level of detail + additional content for S/4HANA.

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All steps are according to SAP Note 2745851 - Business Process Improvement Content for "SAP Readiness Check 2.0" and "Process D... version 48. Click on Show Changes for revision comparison.

The blog follows the document https://d.dam.sap.com/a/AREDtXr

Please find the graphic with application of notes as below.


Login to ERP System (only production SAP ERP 6.0 systems, no system copy) and enter tCode SPAM. Check the Package level of component ST-A/PI

Open SAP Note 2745851 in browser and check the latest version - notes required to be applied.

We have ST-A/PI 01T_731 SP 002 and so we need to apply SAP notes 2803335 and note 2795008.

If there is no ST-A/PI component, then please apply ST-A/PI version 01T or higher in your system from Software Downloads => SUPPORT PACKAGES & PATCHES => S => ST-A/PI, select based on NetWeaver release => ST-A/PI 01T_7XX

The notes shown above for ST-A/PI 01U are applicable for support packs SP01 SP02 and SP03.

STEP 2: APPLY NOTE 2758146

Please apply SAP note 2758146 - SAP Readiness Check 2.0 & Process Discovery (evolution of SAP Business Scenario R...

The note may have been applied for Readiness Check.

STEP 3: APPLY NOTE 2745851

Please apply SAP note 2745851 - Business Process Improvement Content for "SAP Readiness Check 2.0" and "Process D...

The note may have been applied for Readiness Check.

STEP 4: APPLY NOTE 2803335

The note may be different as per your ST-A/PI release.

Enter tCode SNOTE and apply SAP note 2803335 - ST-A/PI 01T SP2: Advance Corr. BP Analytics - TBIs for ERP. There are no manual steps required.

TIP: When you implement this note you may see this warning message for several objects: Object already exists and will be overwritten. The status of the objects to be implemented is yellow and the checkbox in front of the line is empty. Please mark the checkbox to allow snote to overwrite the existing objects. Same applies for note in next step.

STEP 5: APPLY NOTE 2795008

The note may be different as per your ST-A/PI release.

Enter tCode SNOTE and apply SAP note 2795008 - Corrections for ST-API 01T SP2 (framework for analytics). There are no manual steps required.


In the Production Client, assign authorization object SM_BPM_DET with the Characteristic of 'OBJECT_MS' (collected KPI´s) to the user who is executing the report.


Select (1) Business Scenario Recommendations and (2) select period from the popup and (3) Schedule Analysis. Click on Immediate and OK.

You should get message below.

The Background job will be run as below. In case the extraction takes too long or the generated file is too big, you can run the job again with reduced data collection period. If there is any error, please refer to SAP Note 2977422 - Process Discovery (evolution of SAP Business Scenario Recommendations) & SAP Path... or create ticket with component SV-SCS-S4R.

After the job is completed please click on Download Analysis data. Please check that the date in the notification dialog below shows as current date.

You will get a prompt to save file in the format BSRAnalysisDataABA20210228.zip in your local PC


Extract the content of the zip file, as below:

The files included are as below:

bpa.xml - Contains business metrics related to backlogs, percent of automation and lead time for selected business processes. It does also include additional information of the backlog time
distribution and organizations contributing to the overall value.

sto3n.xml - Contains the list of transactions and reports used on the system over the last month with some statistical

ttcode.xml - Contains the list of transactions with their classification and the number of users
executing them.

ana_sys_add_info.xml - Additional technical information related to the system related to database, level of different solutions and software components installed.

ana_sys_header.xml - Contains basic information to identify the system on which the analysis has been run.


  1. This zip file should only contain four or five XML files and XSL files (depending on the SAP note version). If the zip file contains more XML files it is likely that it was incorrectly created with the SAP Readiness Check report.
  2. Check that all XML files contain data, especially bpa.xml, ttcode.xml and st03.xml.
    If one of the files is empty, ensure that the latest versions of the SAP Notes are applied to your SAP ERP system and data was collected in your productive system


In the browser url https://msmproda7afccce3.hana.ondemand.com/Request/BSN/  Click on Get Started Now

Acknowledge and Agree to the terms and click on Submit button

It's not done yet !  After you submit request, you will receive confirmation email. Please press Confirm to complete the request process.


Business Scenario Recommendation analysis has to be run only for productive ERP 6.0 systems (incl. all EHP versions). A system copy of the productive system shall not be used, as not all logs files are available there.

TIP: During your regular maintenance patch update, please include ST-PI & ST-A/PI, that way some of the required notes are already applied. Both these OCS Packages ST-PI and ST-A/PI do not need stack the xml and can be applied separately.


You can create OSS messages using component SV-SCS-S4R


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Thank you. Hope you enjoyed the blog !

Mahesh Sardesai
Product Expert – S/4HANA

Brought to you by the SAP S/4HANA Regional Implementation Group