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Product and Topic Expert

S/4HANA Cloud Output Management – Customize Master Form

In this blog we will see how to customize the Master Form Template using configuration and Apps provided to upload Logos and maintain texts.

In SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Adobe forms (XFA) are the standard technology for rendering application objects (such as purchase orders, contracts, or invoices) into PDF format. Output management in the cloud provides the necessary framework for form template development and maintenance, data assembly, rendering, and output determination for forms. There are standard delivered APPs that can be used for configuration.

Basically, the Adobe form is separated into two parts – Master Form Template & Content Form Template as shown below. In this blog we will see how to customize the Master Form Template, shown here in black lines for logo & Footer Blocks (Address/Tel/Fax/E-Mail). The benefit of this framework is that Master Form Template can be used across multiple Content forms.

Note: As each App on S/4HANA Cloud is role-based so before try to find/run any app, make sure required authorization in place. Here to facilitate, the link to Fiori App library has been given to find the same with each App required here.

In below steps we will see how to configure Master Form Template for Logo, Texts, Sender Address.

  1. Manage Logos: Refer link to find required authorizations: Fiori Library - Manage Logos

    Run the app and upload required logo using the + sign, this logo can be placed on the output Form header.

    After uploading image, logo will be added as shown:

    2. Manage Texts: Refer link to find required authorizations: Fiori Library - Manage Texts

    Run the app and use + sign on header to add new Text, window as shown below will appear and fill required data. We can also add the text in other languages as well by using + Add Language feature.

    After save, added text will be shown in the records:

    Here we can add multiple texts and use that in configuration of Master form as per requirement.

    3. Configuration of Master Form: Refer given link to find required authorizations: Fiori Library - Manage Your Solution

    · Find Manage Your Solution, then choose Configure Your Solution, search for Output and navigate inside Output Management Area.

    · Here first step shown is to Define rule for Master Form Template, Click on Configure at extreme right.

    Create new entry, fill required details as per organization and use Master Form Template = 'SOMU_FORM_MASTER_LETTER'.

    Add Footer Block and SAP Logo that has been created in above steps.

    Add some custom Form template for Content form (here added Delivery note form) and Save the entry.

    Test Case: Create new output for Delivery Note and check Display PDF Document, here header and Footer text should be picked which has been configure in Rules of Master Template above.

    • Logo on right side is one which was uploaded in Manage Logo app and configure in Master Form Rule template.

      • Footer below that was added in Manage Texts and configured.

      • As an information, I would like to add here that if any other changes required to be done in Master Form Template then Adobe Life Cycle designer should be installed, it can be installed using App Install Additional Software. Refer Fiori App Library to find required authorization Fiori Library - Install Additional Software .

        After installing, local Adobe Life Cycle designer, there is an App "Maintain Form Templates" that can be used to Upload/Download the Master Form Template.

        Conclusion: As you have seen that by using Standard Apps and SSCUI - configuration of Master Form template, customization can be done and there is no coding/change required to be done in Adobe Form Manually.

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