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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In this blog we will cover how to create your own instance of S/4HANA as Fully activated appliance from Cloud Appliance Library. It just takes 2 hrs to create the instance and the charges are based on subscription (3-4USD/hr of uptime). There are sample pre-configured SAP Best Practices scenarios and integrated end-to-end business processes.
You can create the instance in Amazon AWS(EC2), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform(GCP). This blog will focus on Amazon AWS and provide links to others.
Detailed steps are also provided in SAP CAL Video Playlist

STEP 1: To create your own AWS account, register at https://aws.amazon.com/ Amazon AWS (EC2)./ http://azure.microsoft.com/ for Microsoft Azure/  https://cloud.google.com for Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Excellent videos are available for guidance - AWS, Azure and GCP

enter url https: //aws.amazon.com

Click on Create an AWS Account.

Please accept the agreement, fill in the Contact Information, Payment Currency Preference, Payment Method, Identity Verification, Support Plan (select Basic)

After Amazon has activated the account, you will receive email that account is activated.

Launch Management Console. Create new Group and attach policies to assign 4 roles.

Create a new CAL user, go to Users tab on left and click on Add User type in user name

Generate Access key ID to be used to configure AWS account in CAL. Add the user to our CAL Group:You can download the credentials and keep in safe place,

STEP 2: Next step is to login to SAP CAL. If you have SCN account or S-User account you are already registered with SAP ID service otherwise you have to register from scratch filling the form. Then you will get email to activate CAL account, click on the button to activate the account and accept terms and conditions.

Enter url https://cal.sap.com

Enter search text as (1) Fully Activated Appliance and click on search(2), select the instance (3) S/4HANA Fully Activated Appliance and click on (4) Create Instance.

Please enter the name of your instance, select cloud provided and enter access key and secret key.

There are 4 VM's which will be created. It is optional to include Business Objects BI Platform and Windows Remote Desktop and can be unchecked to reduce the cost.

If you want to store the private key file on the server click on (1) Store and if you want to (2) encrypt with password enter details. Click on (3) Download.
System will create instance in 95 mins as mentioned in this information dialog.

Once the instance is created in about 2 hrs....

Click on Connect and enter user details to logon to the instance. The clients are  100,200,300,400 is BPINST password Welcome1.

Please refer the Getting Started Guide for the details of other users and the system.


Please use component BC-VCM-CAL - with licensed subscription package, any issues with S/4HANA system only.


Quick Start Guide
Demo guide with suggested Walkthrough Scenarios
Best Practices for S/4HANA

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Guides from various releases:
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Thank you. Hope you enjoyed the installation.

Mahesh Sardesai
Product Expert – S/4HANA