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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Running loosely coupled apps in the same context of the digital core might come in handy to improve user's productivity.

The web client URL Mashup feature has been released for the SAP Business One version 10 in FP2105 and it allows you to access external applications directly from the Business One web client, either in its own view or as a new window.

In this post I will cover how you can embed your loosely coupled application, running on SAP Business Technology Platform, into SAP Business One Web Client using this feature.

The BTP application I will embed into the web client is the Pizza Shop we have designed as part of the SAP BTP Workflow Management proof of concept early this year. It is running on the Cloud Foundry environment, of my BTP trial account. You can check the blog post with detailed information about this PoC here and deploy it on your own trial account following the instructions of the Github repos mentioned there.

This is the Pizza Shop app running on my BTP trial account:

And this is how it looks like:

Let's embed it into SAP Business One web client.

You first need to set up your development environment, as per this guide.

Then, you will need to create a local folder and two files - the mta descriptor and the json file with the URL Mashup data. See below:

"tiles": [
"text": "BTP App",
"subtitle": "Simple BTP App running on CF",
"url": "https://smbeats.cfapps.ap21.hana.ondemand.com",
"linkmethod": "ExistingWindow",
"icon": "sap-icon://add-process"


_schema-version: "3.2"
ID: ext-urlMashUp
version: 0.0.5
provider: SAP
- name: myLink
type: url-mashup
path: ../urlLink

Now, you just need to pack it using the mbt build command. The mtar file is created:

Open the Extension Manager, select the mtar file that has just been created, upload it and finish the wizard:

Now assign the extension to the companies you want:

Open the web client, select the extensions menu, and click your tile:

You will see the app running in the context of the web client:

You will find more information about the URL Mashup in this video tutorial.

The full extensibility capabilities of SAP Business One Web Client is described here.