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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Do you know that changing employee and organizational master data has never been easier than with the new Master Data Application for HR Professionals in HR Renewal? And do you know the newest feature of HR renewal for HR professionals? In this post my colleague parvathy.sankarand I will explain that roadmap forms and dynamic processing rules enhance data quality and increase system automation to make the life of the user easier.

With HR renewal 1.0 initial shipment in 2012, SAP enhanced the usage of Processes & Forms (P&F) for an easy and intuitive maintenance of master data within the area of Personnel Administration and Organizational Management.

With doing this, we could use all the nice features of P&F like “Save as draft”, easy workflow enablement, no translation effort, flexible number of steps and users etc.,  to decrease the time a user needs to update master data and increase data consistency.

After the first shipment we got a lot of feedback from our customers and partners, that they like the P&F approach, but that they are missing another important functionality, which is often used in the backend to build comprehensive processes – personnel measures, very well known as transaction PA40.

After an intensive time reviewing the customer needs, we introduced the roadmap forms with Feature Pack 4 of HR Renewal .

Roadmap forms are an additional form type of P&F to easily build larger processes. The design is similar as it works in GUI transaction. The customer defines a sequence of info types the user has to proceed to finish a process.

Screen shot: pre-configured roadmap form for Hire in US

Benefits of the new roadmap forms are:

  • easier configuration with using HCM P&F design time
  • reuse of existing info type configuration
  • web-based info type scenarios…

And of course all the nice features of P&F are also used to make the life of the user easier working with roadmap forms

Screen shot: configuration of roadmap form “Hire an Employee (US)” in HCM P&F design time (TA HRASR_DT)

And the story continues:

With our latest feature pack, FP1 of HR renewal 2.0 the concept of roadmap forms was enhanced to also bring dynamic dependencies to the processes. In the GUI world it is known as “Dynamic Actions”. With HR renewal 2.0 FP1 we deliver Dynamic Processing Rules to configure info type dependencies within processes.

Many country regulations as well as corporate audit rules mandate that related data must be adapted depending on a certain field value users have changed in employee master data. For enhanced data quality and higher system automation, the solutions for HR Professionals for employee master data management can now be tied to a rich, configurable rules framework.

For example: During hiring process, the HR enters the number of children as one of the personal information.

Screen shot: roadmap form hire – increase number of children

When the next button is selected, the sequence of the steps to be processed would be altered with the same number of “Family members/dependents” info types as the number of children.

Screen shot: dynamically enhanced roadmap form hire – IT 0021 added twice

Thus dynamic processing rules enables you to provide rules to specify the type of information to be entered and the steps of info types to be followed based on the information entered.

The solution allows you to:

  • activate / deactivate your choice from SAP’s best-practice rules
  • create own rules, applying them either internationally, locally, for a number of countries
  • easily define country-specific overwriting of international rules, if other conditions apply in certain countries
  • build rules with conditions and target operations based on simple settings, with explicit field help to show possible options per info type/subtype
  • add in code-based logic if required as part of configuration (no modification)
  • run the Check Tool to find inconsistencies within your rule concept

Last but not least some words to clarify the delivery of roadmap forms and dynamic processing rules:


  • FPM forms were delivered with HR renewal 1.0 FP1 in September 2012.
  • Roadmap forms have been available since HR renewal 1.0 FP4 – RTC was July, 2013.
  • The Dynamic processing rules were delivered with HR renewal 2.0 FP1 in July 2014.

HR renewal 2.0 is based on EhP7. HR renewal 1.0 is based on EhP6.  A down port of the HR renewal 2.0 functionality to EhP6 is planned for November 2014 so all customers who have implemented HR renewal 1.0 based on EhP6 can also get the great new functionality of Dynamic Processing Rules in the near future.

As you can see – it’s easy to make your life easy 😉

Looking forward to your feedback.  And if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Parvathy Sankar     and      Sylvia Strangfeld

parvathy.sankar@sap.com; sylvia.strangfeld@sap.com